Mid-February Teacher Feature: Tina Millar

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Teaching at O2 Since: 2017

Tina’s Thoughts about Second Series: “Second Series. Sigh. I have not yet taken the plunge and taken an Astanga Second Series class – I probably should. I hear it’s a bit of a laugh. It’s backbend city with a trip down arm balance lane and not one, but seven headstands. What’s not to love?! Since I teach Basics classes, I look forward to teaching the very foundations of poses not regularly practiced in class. And as a practitioner, let the fun begin!”

Tina’s Current Teaching Schedule:
5:30pm Sundays – Basics
5:30pm Wednesdays – Basics

TinaMillarBioPicTina started doing yoga about three years ago as a way to chill out.  “I was in the midst of struggling with a chronic autoimmune disorder that over years was determined to be caused by multiple severe food intolerances. I opted to try my first yoga class at a hot (95 degree) studio, which seemed to help detox my body of impurities and my mind of stress. I was hooked on the athletic style of power yoga,” she said.  That newfound passion for the practice, along with her long-held love for nutrition and wellness, started to inform her day job as a speech-language pathologist, working primarily with children.  “It felt natural to use yoga as a tool to help people on a different level,” Tina said.  24068114_1658733744176672_3316425160084387610_n

So it was the natural progression for her to start looking to take it to the next level…and that’s when she found O2 in 2016.  “I was looking for a condensed teacher training program and two acquaintances mentioned [Mimi’s] — thanks goodness, too,” Tina recalled.  She enrolled in our Fall 2016 200-Hour TT and quickly became part of the O2 family, going on to teach Karma classes after graduation before moving onto the regular schedule.  Last year, she also did two different ChildLight Teacher Trainings (hosted here at our Cambridge studio) and is living the dream of bringing yoga to the kids she works with in her “day job.”  We also occasionally get requests for kids’ yoga here at O2 — Tina would be willing to teach it if there’s enough interest — email sarah@o2yoga.com if you’re one of the interested and maybe we can get somethin’ goin’…

We are so happy to have her on our teaching staff and love her athletic, well-balanced classes.  Join her for practice sometime soon!


What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from Mimi?

“Lead with your heart – and I interpret this two ways. Firstly, lead with your heart in all aspects of daily living. Be kind. Be generous. Be helpful. Secondly, lead with your heart literally in poses. We all want to go as deep in poses as possible, but sometimes in order to build the strength and flexibility to go deeper, we need to be humble and take a step back (think seated forward folds).”

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from teaching?

“Every body is different. Very different.”

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from one of our other teachers?

“Have a purpose as to why you choose each pose in each sequence.”

What’s your favorite pose to teach?

“The vinyasa – because no other studio I have ever practiced at pays any attention to it, and it’s so important.”

What’s your favorite pose to do?

“Any and all arm balances.”

What’s your “dream pose”?

“Oh so many. Top three: Hanumanasana (splits), Adho Mukha Vrkasana (handstand), Padmasana (lotus anything – my dreaded hip flexors!)”

Do you have a mantra or a theme song?

“All of these things make me who I am.’ ~ AWOLNATION

All of the good, the bad, the happy, the trying, the awesome, the struggle, the hurt. It is all a part of my journey and who I am.”

Do you play music in class? Why or why not?

“I do not play music. Honestly, it’s one more thing to think about that I couldn’t be bothered with. People are bombarded with stimuli throughout their day, I like to give them 75 minutes of tuning out, and at some points listening to absolutely nothing and tuning in.”

Any “Fun Facts” you’d care to share?

“I used to be a powerlifter. I hold a New England record for squatting 225lbs weighing in at 114lbs. My personal best deadlift is 275lbs at the same weight.”

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