O2 Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Program

CONGRATS to the TT Class of 2017!

CONGRATS to the TT Class of 2017!

Taking it to the Next Level

We do yoga for many different reasons.  For those of us that it turns into a passion, we know all that care, dedication, focus, humility, and sense of humor that makes us return to our mats day after day, week after week, year after year.  O2 Yoga owner and founder Mimi Loureiro says, “I like to teach people yoga because it makes them nicer.”  Time spent on your mat can be centering.  Moving this way on the inhale and that way on the exhale is the key to a successful practice — that is all.  Giving yourself the gift of 60, 75, or 90 minutes to focus on yoga and nothing else is what calms your nervous system and, indeed, makes you nicer.

What a 200-Hour Teacher Training can offer is the chance to learn more about the other side of practice:  the teaching!  Being a student is extremely different from being an instructor and getting the chance to learn the nuance of how to sequence a leveled class (Basics, Intermediate, Power) with care and attention and then how to get up and lead students through that sequence while doing hands-on adjustment will transform your own experience on the mat forever.  Whether your goal is to be a yoga teacher or simply delve more deeply into the how’s and the why’s, our Teacher Training program is for anyone interested in learning about the full 360-degree view of a yoga practice.

Our training begins with a strong focus on the Primary Series of Astanga, both because it is the foundational influence of O2 Yoga-style classes and because it offers a consistent and predictable sequence for new teachers to learn the language of yoga.  After that, we move on to the more creative aspects of planning an O2-style class with the goal of the training that all graduates of the program have a strong understanding of yoga-anatomy, sequencing, and hands-on adjusting.  To put it simply:  by the end of the training, you will have the knowledge and the confidence to stand up and teach a yoga class.

Join Mimi, Elliott, and other senior O2 instructors to explore, expand, and completely change your life. This is a Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Registered Teacher Training program.

Already 200-Hour certified?  We open up the first two Astanga-based weekends to certified teachers as continuing education.


The Class of 2015

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Emily & Maren, Class of 2016

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TT Class 2017_suptapada

Alissa & Becky (with Rebeccah in the background), Class of 2017

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Teacher Training Program Curriculum

  • Astanga Primary Series, Intro to Adjustments, Sanskrit
  • Astanga Eight-limbed Path, Yoga Philosophy, History of Yoga
  • Level One O2 Yoga, Modifications for Injuries and Pregnancy, Teaching Basics
  • Working with Props, Cuing and Communication Skills, Adjustments
  • Level Two O2 Yoga, Advanced Postures, Anatomical Focus, Yogic Diet
  • The Business of Yoga, Building Sequences, Adjustment Review
  • Practicals

You must also complete 25 volunteer or community service hours.

Upcoming 2018 Dates:

Our training runs on weekends — Friday evenings from 5pm-9pm/Saturdays & Sundays from 9am-7pm.

Weekend # 1: September 14, 15, 16 (Astanga Continuing Ed weekend for certified teachers – details about that here)

Weekend #2: September 21, 22, 23 (Astanga Continuing Ed weekend for certified teachers)

Weekend #3: October 12, 13, 14

Weekend #4: October 19, 20, 21

Weekend #5: November 9, 10, 11

Weekend #6: November 16, 17, 18

Weekend #7: November 30, December 1-2

Weekend #8: December 7, 8 with a potential December 9 (Practicals Weekend)



$3190.00 non-members

$2850.00 monthly members of O2 Yoga Studio (must be a member for 6 months prior to registering for program)

We require a deposit of $997 to reserve your spot and can offer a very flexible payment plan for the balance.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:  Enroll before May 1st and we will waive the deposit and allow you to spread your payments out evenly. 


All teacher training sessions are held at our Cambridge location: 1001 Mass Avenue, Cambridge (directly between the Central & Harvard Square T-stops)

How To Apply

  • Step One:  Take some classes with us to make sure you like our style of vinyasa yoga.  Feel free to chat with any of our teachers about the program — they’ve all gone through it so they are a great resource for what you can expect as one of our TTs! It is recommended that you have practiced at O2 Yoga for at least 6 months before starting the training. These conditions may be waived upon approval from Mimi.
  • Step Two: Attend an info session and/or reach out to program leader Mimi (mimi@o2yoga.com) or program administrator Sarah (sarah@o2yoga.com) to get your questions answered.
  • Step Three: Click here to fill out the application.  Mimi will reach out to you after reviewing it. (We respect your privacy and will not share your information.)
  • Step Four: After you’ve been accepted into the program, Mimi will send you an official letter with information about next steps. To complete your enrollment into the program you must submit your application with a deposit of $997.
  • Step Five:  Get ready for the experience of a lifetime!


Attend an Informational Session to learn more about our program:

Info Sessions for Fall 2018 TBD.

If you are not able to attend any of the scheduled sessions or simply want to arrange a one-on-one meeting time, email Sarah — sarah@o2yoga.com — and we can set something up!



a_mathiowetz_somerville-21“When you sign up for Teacher Training you know this course will change your life – that’s kind of the point, right? –  but the way it does so will surprise you. It will deeply challenge you and have you thinking in so many more constructive and creative ways than you thought possible. And the best part? At the end of the class, you are officially certified to share your passion and what you’ve learned with others.”

~ Kat DeStefano

13220985_1000828203369201_7775191118842018585_n“Mimi’s classes at O2 always draw on creative energy and exploration while prioritizing student safety, expert cuing. If you take class with Mimi, it becomes evident that she’s the inspiring teacher you want to learn from.  Mimi’s gift is her teaching and she empowers and enables her Teacher Trainees with her passion for smart yoga.  I completed training with a strong understanding of the Astanga system and therefore the ability to sequence and plan intelligent classes, modify for beginners or injured students, and moreover, teach new and advanced students alike.  Mimi’s training was the beginning and only fueled a passion to expand my yoga teaching practice further.”

~ Devon Wilson-Hill

“O2 Teacher Training brought me closer to the O2 community, introduced me to a great group of friends, and changed my yogaSONY DSCpractice in some pretty radical ways. I was never a big Astanga practitioner before TT, but learning more about the Astanga tradition, the postures, and the rationale behind the sequence really gave me an appreciation for how organized and balanced a practice it is. The program unlocked some ‘mysteries’ about sequencing and structuring a class. The alignment and anatomy discussions made me a more humble and patient patient practitioner because I now back out of postures that I used to ‘muscle’ myself into and use more props to better my alignment. I feel very lucky to have been trained by O2. There are so many teacher training programs out there, but I believe that O2’s is unique in the quality and depth of content and the community that surrounds it. Because the group’s size is limited, you will have many opportunities to cue sequences and give adjustments, and you’re given a ton of personal, thoughtful, constructive feedback. You’ll get to know the trainers and fellow trainees very well and it will be a supportive, welcoming group. Teacher Training will challenge your mind, your body, and will take you out of your comfort zone. Being able to stand up in front of a class and teach is so terrifying for many, and to be able to overcome that fear is a huge achievement!”
~ Kristen McCarron
“It changed my life in only the most positive ways. Changed. My. Life. Sure, that’s pretty vague and there are details, but it stokes ajourney that is personal. The best part, however, is that I came out of teacher training with some of the best friends I have ever had the honor of knowing. I love this life that my training encouraged me to pursue.”
~ Holland Sweeney
unnamed“For me teacher training felt like a retreat, every weekend. I remember feel so energized and happy on Monday mornings after the weekend training sessions. Personally I felt that I spent all those hours being more conscious about my breath, my posture, my behavior, my connection with the teachers and my new TT friends. It raised my awareness and sense of self. It made me happy by allowing me to connect with other wonderful women and men. It felt like nourishment for the soul. I didn’t know this going in. I singed up because I love yoga and I got to experience an expansion of that love.”
~ Bora Vukaj
“O2 Yoga teacher training at will train you to teach yoga. Great, right? Yes, it may in fact be the greatest thing you ever do. Why? 1. You’ll be part of a community passionately working toward the same goal. The loving support of this community is beyond belief. 2. You will become stronger in areas you never imagined: public speaking, anatomy, connecting with people, treating yourself lovingly, seeing others as they are, finding your true self. 3. In the beginning, you may feel broken and unworthy. In the end, the sense of having accomplished something HUGE and life-altering will be pervasive.”
~ Lynne Carr
SONY DSC“Teacher Training was a life changing experience. It’s such an intense time of learning and challenging yourself. I remember on the first day of YTT, Mimi talking about the benefits of doing things you are comfortable with, that you don’t do well yet – and I could not agree more. I found it was so beneficial to my life to spend every weekend practicing something that I wasn’t good at and that I had to work really hard at. Especially because we were in such a supportive environment. I remember when fumbling through my first time teaching the whole room, Mimi said that despite nerves or forgetting a cue here and there, ‘If you can get people to breath you will change everything.’ I love that idea & I hope that every time someone comes to their mat in my class and breaths for 60, 75, everything changes for them.”

~ Ali Reeder


“Students come to yoga for various reasons. Some are looking for a physical workout, others are seeking relaxation to reduce stress, to find balance, or to heal from an injury. Whatever the reasons, most of us begin with asana, the physical work, and we keep practicing because it feels good. Yet over time, a shift occurs, as asana allows us to feel that there is something animating our physical form, deepens the ability to watch our minds, and attain a subtle shift in consciousness. The same is true of a teacher training program, as some students sign up with the primary intention of becoming a teacher, and others with the goal of deepening their personal practice.As a students of yoga, we have two sources of guidance, with the outer teacher being the one who guides students through asanas and transitions in safe, clear, and efficient ways. Those who have practiced with us at O2 for a period of time know that we believe anatomical knowledge informs class sequencing and our teacher training program is very focused in this regard. We feels it’s important for our teachers to understand how the muscles and joints work, the possible risks of injury, ways in which asana can be modified, how to use the breath and bandhas to direct the flow of prana, anatomical knowledge to inform proper alignment, the principals of intelligent sequencing, infusing our classes with creativity and playfulness, and guiding our students to deepen their relationship with their own practice. Without a doubt, our training program will deepen a student’s physical practice, but delving into the “why” and the “how”, as well as learning about the subtle body, enhances our inner teacher. This is the voice that informs our physical capabilities, tells us when we’ve reached our edge, when we have space to move beyond it, points out our emotional states, and the knowledge to find what feels right. This the starting point for cultivating a subtle energetic awakening to take the lessons from the mat out into the world.For me, Svadhyaya, or self-study, one of the Niyamas, or observances found within the eight limb path of the Yoga Sutras, is really the heart of yoga. To really do asana practice involves cultivating a consistent openness to being fully tuned in, so that the physical practice becomes a tool for self-exploration. Regardless of the reasons students come to our teacher training program, the result will be transformational. Where else can you invest 200 hours into your own personal yoga practice? There is something incredibly powerful in surrounding oneself with like minded individuals completely immersed into the world of yoga, and I often hear from our graduates, whether they end up teaching or not, that the program was life changing. The training community offers a unique opportunity to learn more about oneself, within a nurturing, supportive sanctuary that encourages growth, self-expression, and creativity. When I embarked upon our training program many years ago, I did so without the desire to teach and only wanted to learn more about something I loved. But along the way, a clarity of mind developed in which old patterns, or Samskaras, were brought to light, with the ability to let go of these patterns that were no longer serving me, thereby deepening a sense of self-awareness and connection to others. I learned to sit with discomfort and face those discomforts without fear, such as speaking in front of a roomful of people, or teaching a pose that my body had not mastered, and discovered life altering realizations that remain with me to this day. I feel it’s an incredible privilege to teach that which I feel most passionate about, and every year, am thrilled to share this knowledge with our trainees. But I’ll warn you: yogic insight can be addictive!”~ Ann Panopoulos