Since 2003, I found yoga to be a strength-building and a grounding source; giving me solace amid a sea of change. It was a form of moving meditation, steadying my mind to be present for each class. I continue to be drawn to O2 Yoga because the sequencing is varied, challenging and fun, the community is welcoming, and the practice focuses heavily on anatomy. I learned why we were doing the poses instead of just being told to move in a certain way. As a yoga teacher, I strive to be playful with sequencing, creating an environment where we don’t take ourselves too seriously, while also being informative and safe. My hope is to help others realize the wonderful effects of yoga, and help them feel connected, empowered and a bit more centered.


Alisha is a graduate of the all-star Teacher Training class of 2015. Alisha is excited to be on the roster, and continue to put O2’s Astanga-inspired training into practice. She loves to give students the opportunity to challenge themselves – and take care of themselves – physically and emotionally through building heat and strength. Alisha is also involved in the good food movement and she is opening up a food business in Cambridge in summer 2016.


Annie Kiel is a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher, based in Boston, MA. Teaching beginner through advanced vinyasa yoga, she pays particular attention to proper alignment and safety as students move from posture to posture, connecting breath with movement, while finding stillness in the mind. Annie strongly believes that yoga is a life-long practice that can cultivate a better awareness of achieving balance on (and off) the mat. She encourages students to focus their energy inward and to be active participants in creating their own experience by listening to their bodies; drawing awareness to both the physical and mental practice of yoga. When she’s not teaching yoga, Annie can be found hiking in the White Mountains of NH, seeing live music, visiting her sisters in Minnesota, or plotting her next travel adventure. She holds a MA in Gender and Peace Building and a MPH in global health, and was recently trained in Reiki. In 2013, Annie married her passions for yoga and global health by co-founding Firefly Yoga International, a nonprofit which uses yoga as the public health intervention for survivors of trauma:


From the moment I first stepped onto the mat, I knew this was more than just a physical practice, and something that would always be a part of my life, as my mind and body began to transform in ways not achieved with other forms of exercise. I’ve practiced many different traditions, yet upon taking my first class at 02, I knew I had found something truly special. To this day, the amazing teachers and wonderful sense of community contribute to a sense of coming home, the moment I walk through the door. As a clinical social worker, my days are spent attending to the needs to others; a work that it satisfying, yet often profoundly effective on my emotional state. Yoga not only bestows a sense of physical well being, but restores me to a sense of grounding, empowerment, and connectedness. Throughout life’s challenges, the mat has been my sanctuary, teaching me strength, serenity, and surrender. My practice is deeply rooted in the astanga system, and my classes delve into the heart of the yogic process with creative exploration, focus on alignment and promoting the mind/body connection. It is my hope to allow students to experience a sense of empowerment, balance, and above all, ignite the spirit.



Barrett Lauck Reinhorn (Certified Yoga Teacher [CYT], 500 hours) has been teaching yoga since 1998 throughout the metro Boston area. She teaches beginner through advanced vinyasa yoga, and specializes in prenatal/postnatal yoga. Trained in Astanga Vinyasa yoga and Interdisciplinary Yoga, Barrett melds asana, breath, music, philosophy, and rhythmic improvisational movement into her vinyasa sessions. Every class of Barrett’s is different, combining the energies of sun (dynamic warmth) and moon (calming cool) so that students are deeply rooted in their bodies and yet light and free in spirit. Additionally, Barrett teaches prenatal and postnatal teacher trainings. She brings to her teacher training extensive training in yoga for the childbearing year along with experience as a doula, childbirth educator and mother.


I was initially introduced to this practice dedicated to both the body and the mind in 2011 while enrolled in a Yoga and Mindfulness course at the University of Vermont.  I continued to practice (and study) up there for the following two years before moving back to the Greater Boston area, transferring to UMass Boston— where I’m completing a bio-psych degree, and searching for a new studio to call home.  After trying out a few places, I came across the O2 studios where I was immediately drawn in by the creative and progressively taught sequencing. I appreciate how much care and consideration the O2 style takes towards alignment and injury prevention, all the while establishing a complete and challenging practice, using the breath to both ground and energize the body & mind.


Movement has been a vital part of Bronwyn’s life since she was 5 years old, when she first began training as a classical ballet dancer in Seattle.  After years of striving for perfection, yoga was a very welcome change to the strict ballet world. Once she noticed the mental clarity yoga provided her – she was hooked!
Bronwyn is passionate about using yoga to promote self-acceptance and inspiring her students to find mental and physical balance. Her classes are athletic and energizing with an emphasis on breath control. She aims to make yoga accessible for a wide variety of skill-levels and is always happy to answer yoga-related questions.

Bronwyn has completed certifications in gentle flow, hot power yoga, and O2’s Astanga-inspired vinyasa, as well as multiple workshops on yoga for mental wellness. Having taken over 700 hours of teacher trainings, she is constantly trying to improve her teaching skills to better serve her students.  A recent Boston transplant, she is currently completing a psychology degree and studying yoga therapy, while exploring all the city has to offer!



I truly believe that each and every person can welcome yoga into their life, in some form or style. Yoga unexpectedly became part of mine in my early 20s, shortly after making some big life changes. After dabbling in several different styles, I walked into O2, bought an unlimited membership, and never looked back. I was drawn to the balance between creative, alignment-based sequencing and the moving meditation. My mat became my sanctuary, a place where I can be completely unself-conscious, yet at the same time, deeply mindful and self-aware. After many years of immersing myself in the O2 community through workstudy, retreats, and, of course, a dedicated practice, I completed the O2 Teacher Training in 2013 to deepen that practice, never really thinking that I might actually teach. I have embraced my teaching practice with the same dedication I bring to my mat. I aim to pass along some of the joy and knowledge that I gain each time I teach and practice to each of my students. They, in turn, teach and inspire me, and for that, I am most humbled and grateful.



I discovered yoga in mid-life through a class at Brookline Adult Education. I found yoga to be a bright light for its simplicity. Just show up. Come to the mat and practice, practice, practice. Accept who you are and where you are in this moment. Over the past decade yoga has woven itself into the fabric of my life. Yoga has given me a feeling of peacefulness, a sense of optimism that I can do things that I once would have thought impossible and a connection to the wonderful teachers and community of O2. A friend of mine says that we teach what we most want to learn and so it is that I teach yoga.


A longtime student and workstudy manager, Cemile completed her 200-Hour Teacher Training at O2 in Fall 2015.  We are so excited to have her on our teaching staff!



I took my first yoga class in the local high school cafeteria at the suggestion of a doctor to help relieve some chronic pain. I liked it and eventually bought a book and starting following the sequences. Yoga made me feel confident got me through those angst filled teenage years. A decade later, after flirting with different yoga styles, I got serious and started practicing five times a week at O2. I had never sweat so much in my life! Some days my body felt like Jell-O. And I worked on falling with grace and being resilient. Other days I was shocked by what my body could do. What amazes me still is how yoga supports me and changes me off the mat. I feel taller, fresher and have more energy. I am quicker, more patient, happier and more focused. Yoga has changed me and continues to change me. Being a teacher is just another part of this journey for me. I am so excited to be at O2 and share what I continue to learn with others. I enjoy O2’s style because it is challenging and rewarding. Most importantly, practicing with students just adds to the conversation and the journey we’re all on together; I never stop learning from the entire O2 community!


Edwin was part of our Teacher Training Class of 2014 and we are thrilled to have him on our roster. He also teaches Zumba and Journey Dance in the Greater Boston area.


Eliza was a student and workstudy member at O2 long before she decided to do our 200-Hour Teacher Training Program in Fall of 2015.  We are pleased to have her on our teaching staff now!



I came to yoga after a history as a runner followed by a near endless stint in graduate school and substantial time in the gym, all of which left me chronically sore and tight. What I found in yoga was a way to challenge myself physically, intellectually, and emotionally and heal my body. I try to incorporate that combination of challenge and healing in my teaching. I have trained with Beryl Bender Birch, Ana Forrest, Baron Baptiste, Richard Freeman, and Mimi Loureiro. My classes incorporate strength, flexibility, effort, and surrender.


I took my first yoga class at O2 Yoga fourteen years ago (the year it opened!) and it steadily became a central part of my life.  In all these years I haven’t gotten restless and wandered away as I have from many other of life’s useful yet short lived endeavors.  Its actually the opposite, O2 continues to offer me the opportunity to be creative and to connect, to be who I am and to evolve, both as a teacher and a student.  I am grateful and so happy to be a part of the O2 community.



I appreciate yoga for the simple fact that it is not a sport or a performance; the big event is the practice itself. Having grown up in the world of classical ballet, this concept was once very foreign to me. I signed up for yoga in college, and I didn’t get it. The dancer in me was concerned with wrenching my leg the highest or balancing the longest, and I was annoyed by the reminders to breath. I dropped the class. Years later, after becoming a massage therapist, I was paying more attention to self-care and wellness. I decided to give breathing another chance. I went to O2 because it was near my house, and I have stayed because I’ve found the practice healing for both mind and body. Today, my approaches to bodywork and to yoga-teaching constantly play off of each other. I’m lucky to have found a second home at O2 as a teacher, a massage therapist, and a member of a fun and supportive community.


Ten years ago I came to O2 for an open house and took my first ever yoga class. I haven’t looked back since then! I really value the emphasis that O2 places on learning one’s own physical potential and limitations. Practice should be a balance between challenge and humility. As a teacher (of yoga and of middle school social studies) I encourage my students to work in that space right beyond their comfort zone. At the same time, in a yoga practice it’s important to understand how to move your body safely and responsibly. I’m so grateful to yoga for teaching me self-compassion and humor about my own imperfections, so that I’m more willing to take responsible risks– in order to deepen my practice, and in order to live a more fulfilling life in general.


I started at O2 doing sign-ins for the work-study program, and within a year I had made the decision to participate in the teacher training. I feel so lucky to have found such an incredible community in O2, and I had no idea that I would love teaching so much! I really love it. So I quit my 9-5 office job to teach yoga and make art. Yoga has taught me to cultivate balance, stillness, dedication and joy in my life…and it continues to school me each time I come to the mat. I have learned that when you back-bend, you open your heart. That when you twist, you help your body digest food. And when you fully immerse yourself in an experience, when you are here now – whether it be yoga practice, cutting vegetables, or waiting for the bus – this is where happiness lives. As an instructor, it is the joy of this journey that I would like to help others to identify and cultivate for themselves.



I was introduced to yoga as a young child and have been practicing, in one form or another, ever since. It wasn’t until I found O2–my yoga home since moving to Cambridge in 2012–that yoga became an integral part of my daily life. In addition to the awesome family I found here at O2, I love the meshing of traditional poses with creative and playful sequencing; I hope you will find these aspects in my classes as well. I draw on my experiences in ballet and Bharatnatyam dance to create fun transitions between poses, graceful yet energetic flowing, and a focus on strength and alignment. The goal of every class I teach is for students to move their bodies and quiet their minds. See you on the mat!


Yoga had been trying to make it’s way into my life since 2004, but only after finding O2 did it really start to make sense. I followed Baptiste cue cards for 20 minute sessions every once in a while, dabbling in Bikram and other forms of yoga, trying to understand how someone could possibly do yoga – or any one thing – for 75 minutes in a row! When I moved to Somerville in 2012 and found O2, I fully began to understand that yoga was going to change everything. After my first “31 Days of Yoga” that January I managed to come to my mat every day for a month and I was hooked. The O2 style gracefully accessed the athleticism of my inner gymnast, but calmed my competitive drive. The practice has taught me to slow down and focus, to accept just being, and not pass judgment. I enrolled in O2 Teacher Training Fall of 2014 to learn more about the history, poses, alignment, and the spiritual side of yoga, never intending to teach – and yet teaching has been the most inspiring part. I love the athletic style at O2 and try to bring challenging but accessible options to sequences I share, drawing from the creativity, thoughtfulness, humility, and compassion that thrives in the O2 community.



With a background in ballet and modern dance, I had always dabbled in yoga as a complementary physical practice, but it wasn’t until I joined the incredible community here at O2 that it became a cornerstone of my life. Aside from the obvious physical effects, I found yoga changing me in emotional and spiritual ways I had never expected and while initially they seemed contradictory, I soon realized they were in fact complementary- I was becoming simultaneously stronger and more flexible, both more focused and taking myself less seriously, increasingly patient and quicker. I soon realized this quest for balance was what I had been(and continue) searching for. Each time I come to the mat I discover something new about myself and others- I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. I am thrilled to be teaching, in the hopes that I can share some of the amazing benefits that I have gained from yoga with others.



I discovered yoga as a teen when I took a class at my local gym. I spent the next five years practicing sporadically, trying different studios and styles of yoga, looking for a similar athletic style. I eventually stumbled upon O2 and it was a perfect fit. I loved the physically challenging yet noncompetitive classes, creative sequencing, knowledgeable teachers, and friendly community. Yoga was still a casual hobby until I began practicing several times per week. Then, the physical and mental benefits of a regular practice quickly became obvious. I found it an effective way to manage stress and I made it a priority to come to class. I never imagined that I would become a teacher, but could not pass up the opportunity to participate in the O2 Teacher Training. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am so grateful for the friends that I have met, the supportive environment and mentorship present at the studio, and the opportunity to share something that has had such a positive impact on my life with others.



I love yoga! I truly do. I love it for who it has helped me to become and for how I see others transformed. For a long time, I dabbled in yoga. I fit it in where I could, given a super busy schedule as a software development consultant. In 2004, after 14+ years of being a desk/airport-jockey software programmer/consultant, I needed a major change. I was making money, but losing sanity. 2004 was also the year that, after much encouragement from the wise-beyond-years man in my life, we got our first ever dog, Seabiscuit. My life was filled with love, but somehow still empty. I felt called to yoga, not to fill this emptiness, but with the simple sense of being drawn to my mat time and time again. Each time, I practiced, I felt better than when I started – no exceptions. I continue to find this remarkable. No other activity quite compares. These experiences somehow led me to walk away from my job, embrace the unknown and enroll in yoga teacher training. These past 5+ years of teaching have been challenging, uplifting and one of the best decisions I have ever made.


In Buddhism, the lotus flower represents heart opening, growth and enlightenment. The lotus, rooted in mud and darkness, rises above to bloom on the water’s surface. Through experience, we all grow toward the light to emerge and blossom.

In 2011 I took my very first yoga class. A friend had commented that she couldn’t see me doing yoga, that it just wasn’t for me. I defiantly walked into O2 with my Groupon and was greeted warmly by Mimi. Her class swept me into movement and breath and was exciting and fun but also challenging. The postures were unfamiliar and used muscles I’d forgotten about, and then I was supposed to quiet my mind and breathe at the same time! But I kept going back, day after day, week after week. Although the physical benefits of building strength were what initially appealed to me most, I eventually realized that I also felt calm – like all of my stress had melted away. That feeling is what really drew me into the world of O2. Mimi has built a community for yogis to celebrate the many practices of yoga – physical and otherwise. I took the Teacher Training program with the intention of deepening my practice and my understanding of Astanga, and it has evolved into so much more. Now I look forward to sharing what I love about yoga with my classes – that feeling of grounding, the playfulness and excitement of trying a new sequencing, the flow and sound of breath – and watching that same transformation happen within my students.


To learn more about Mimi click here.



I found yoga in high school as a complementary practice to my training as a classical violinist, which helped me learn more body awareness and anatomy. After moving to Boston, I fell in love with the athleticism and alignment-based progressive sequencing of the O2 yoga style, as well as the wonderful community. Yoga has taught me so much about self-compassion and humility, on and off the mat, and there’s always something new to be learned in every class. In addition to doing O2 Yoga Teacher Training with Mimi Loureiro (and all the O2 senior teachers), I have also trained in trauma-informed yoga (with Annie Kiel and Firefly Yoga International). As a teacher, I strive for challenge and creativity, and I am always excited about the opportunity to learn with students and the O2 community.


Yoga came into my life in 2013 from a recommendation of a friend. I
quickly realized both the mental and spiritual benefits which began to
trickle off the mat and into my life. After studio hopping for some
time, I found 02 and fell in love with the yoga style and rich
community. It now feels like my second home. With a passion to share
my experience with others, I completed Mimi’s 200 hour teacher
training in fall 2015. I am also trained in trauma-informed yoga under
Firefly Yoga International.