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October 2010 Backbends

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Backbends are in many ways the opposite of much of what we do all day. In yoga there is the concept of balance of opposites. Sukha/Stira (hard/soft), ying/yang, warming/cooling, strength/flexibility. We are constantly being pulled on by gravity, so most of the time we are getting pulled forward and down. Backbending is the opposite of this. Backbending is about resisting that action by expanding, extending, and lengthening. The spine...

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This posture represents many of the aspects of yoga that I cherish, as well as the aspects that challenge me. Handstands are playful, scary, teetery (is that a word?), unpredictable, elating, challenging, strengthening, and perspective-changing. We have all heard the phrase, “stand on your own two feet.” What about, “Stand on your own two hands”? Learning to balance any of your body over your hands is a challenge. Think of the first...

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Do we ever stop learning new things? Or maybe the question should be: should we stop learning? September seems to be the unofficial learning month. Most of us went back to school in September when we were kids and young adults. As some of you know, my kids are home-schooled, but it still feels like something new is supposed to happen in September. Part of it is the weather. Part of it is how our culture is structured. As kids, we are...

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August 2010 Stillness

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In yoga you often hear the word stillness associated with the practice. “Moving into stillness,” “find the stillness in the pose.” What does that mean exactly? Being still allows for more awareness of what is happening right in that very moment. It is a way of being present. Think about what many animals do when they notice a change in their environment; they stay still and listen. When practicing asana (hatha yoga), we focus on...

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July 2010 Intention

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Many times, at the beginning of a practice, the teacher will say, “set an intention for today’s practice.” Setting an intention really means focusing on one thing, especially something important. It’s a way of harnessing energy and putting things in perspective. Many believe that yoga practice not only shifts an individual’s energy, but may shift the collective energy in the room and even outside in the world. Now that is pretty heady...

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