Spring Cleaning

Posted By Mimi on Apr 6, 2012 in O2 Yoga Blog |

Practicing out on the roof of our woodworking shop. I love being outside!

In yogic philosophy there is a concept called avidya. In short it refers to mis-perception or lack or clarity. There are four basic categories of avidya, all leading to clouded thought. I like to imagine a foggy window. When you wipe away the accumulated moisture, you can see clearly through it. However, it will fog up pretty quickly again. Yoga practice is said to be one way of clearing away this fog. I know for myself that is definitely true. Sometimes I feel like I can’t see past all of the stuff that is cluttering up my brain. This leaves me no space for any good stuff to get in.

The  four categories of avidya are: fear, needing to be right, prejudice, and wanting without needing. Ever experience any of these? I know that I do. For me, the best part of yoga is knowing that it gives me control over my experiences. It is easy to feel like you are trapped by feeling, or that you have no control or option. It is wonderful to know that yoga is a tool (not the only one, I am sure) that can help clear out all or at least some of the baggage that we carry around with us on a regular basis. Seems like spring is a good time to clear out closets, get rid of stuff we don’t need right? Well, I think the same can be said about the body and mind.

I try to do some form of yoga practice everyday. It doesn’t always work out. It is great when I can get to a class but I also try to practice at home. I find my mind is most clear in the morning. It is almost as if, the further into the day I get, the more stuff I manage to accumulate along the way. If I can even get in a 45 minute practice I feel much clearer and lighter for the rest of the day.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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