Zombies and Yoga

Posted By Mimi on Aug 26, 2012 in O2 Yoga Blog |

Just did my first practice on board our boat on our trip to Maine. We are rafted up(that’s sailing lingo for tied together) with two other boats, our friends Kate, Justin, and Parish, and Garth and Maya. We have known each other for years. The kids have grown up together.

So here I am practicing to the sound of splashing water, wind, seagulls, and a conversation about the best way to deal with a zombie apocalypse. Yes, you heard right, zombies and yoga. Somehow, I could follow the conversation while following my breath. Inhale, arms up; “you gotta hit them in the head.” Exhale, hands to the mat; “How about grenades? Would they work?”. Inhale, lengthen; “Do they really eat people?”. Exhale, chaturanga dandasana; “Maybe those are zombies in that canoe right there coming to get us”.

Somehow, I had an amazing practice. The soft current of breath, conversation, friendship, water, wind, and yes, even zombies tied together to create an experience unlike any other I have ever experienced or will ever experience again. Maybe that is what it means to be present. Aware of everything that is happening in a single moment.

I am presently hungry. I am presently feeling centered and grounded in my body. I am presently pondering the difference between a flail and a mace and which would be better for killing zombies.

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