Patience is a Virtue I Do Not Have

Posted By Mimi on May 18, 2012 in O2 Yoga Blog |

Now before I go too far, I need to say that I love the city of Cambridge and can’t wait to join the community. That said, we have had quite an education going through this process. It has definitely been a lesson in patience; not a virtue of mine. We have run into many roadblocks, and have been given extraordinary timelines for permits and zoning changes. I now understand why you sometimes see an opening soon sign hanging for months, like, ahem, ours, in front of our new location in Cambridge.

We have had to move our opening date quite a few times. People ask me everyday, “How’s it going in Cambridge?”, and “When are you opening?”. Well, things are going…… and, um, we are opening soon. We have never had so many obstacles put in our path. Even so, the obstacles feel right. It doesn’t feel like a message that something isn’t right, just that we need to be patient, pay attention, and learn from the process. Ah, so Ganesh is involved. Makes sense. He knows he is my favorite.

So, thank you for asking. Thank you for offering your help and support. Thank you for your enthusiasm. And a special thanks for your patience. We know that O2 Cambridge is going to join her sister Somerville in kicking some serious asana, never mind all the new elements like massage, vegan food, and fantastic US made, sustainable yoga products. We also know that it will be worth the wait. Here we have Ganesh hiding behind our new mat towels and some asana going on in Sista Somerville.



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