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Hold Me To This First of all, please hold me to this: I would like to start writing blog posts again. My brain has been so full with all the new things going on that I just haven’t had the mental space to write. I miss it! On another note, I am here in Ohio at the fifth annual  Jubilee Peace Fest.  You might think the name seems a bit frivolous but this is anything but. Here is a brief description of meaning of the word Jubilee...

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How often are we told what to do without being told why? Why is that so? Because some people believe that knowledge is power and therefore giving it away makes others more powerful than themselves. I completely disagree. I do believe that knowledge is power but I don’t believe that there is a finite amount of it. I believe power, like love, is exponential. Now, there is a difference between power over others and the feeling of...

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Staying Present?

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Do you ever think that we yoga teachers are calm and serene all the time? Well, I can only speak for myself when I say, I am definitely not! I gravitated towards yoga, at first, for the physical benefits as I think many do. I was a personal trainer and an aerobics instructor for years. When I did yoga, there was something there that I liked but I didn’t trust it. I know that sounds weird but, coming from the fitness industry, I...

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Natural Cycles

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At this time of year, many of us are coming out of the winter doldrums. Well, at least I am. As you may know, our family unschools which is a way of saying that we educate our children and ourselves through experience. I bring this up because most people have a schedule and structure to their lives that doesn’t take into account the natural rhythm of the body, seasons, and nature. Because my kids don’t go to school and...

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On my way to teach class last night, I kept thinking this thought; “God it is a beautiful world,” as I gazed at the flowering trees and bright sunshine, listened to the birds, and smelled the spring air. At the same time, I was listening to the news and overwhelmed with the horror, devastation, and fear that is simultaneously everywhere. This morning I am here in Cambridge listening to sirens, newscasts, and my phone going...

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