Less Talk, More Action

Posted By Mimi on Feb 23, 2013 in O2 Yoga Blog |

What does it take to live life with a sense of integrity? How many choices do we make each and every day which could reflect and support a belief system? More importantly, how many choices do we make each day which we don’t think about? Is it possible to think about everything? Is it advisable or enjoyable to do so? Isn’t it nice sometimes just to do something because it feels good, or is fun, or makes us happy? Do these things need to be mutually exclusive from well-thought out choices? I don’t think so.

Sometimes, I think that I think too much. Oh, the irony of over-thinking over-thinking. I know, this sounds a bit crazy but I am constantly evaluating and re-organizing my choices and thoughts to make sure that they are consistent with a broader view of the world. I have many blind-spots as I would guess we all do. I can be impatient with people who don’t appear to put thought into their actions. That alone is a blind spot.

Getting ready for another teacher training always puts me in a philosophical state of mind. Many teacher training candidates ask me how much yoga philosophy they will learn. I always have a difficult time answering that question. Oh, I could say, we will spend between 5-10 hours discussing the yoga sutras. However, I believe that everyday, every moment is time spent on yoga philosophy, or more broadly, life philosophy. I don’t think the yogis had a monopoly on concepts such as; do unto others as you would have done unto you, or, tell the truth, or do no harm.

Yoga practice is a great place to practice many concepts of yogic philosophy, but outside of class or teacher training is really where the challenge lies. Everyday, we have the opportunity to challenge ourselves to be better, more integrated, more compassionate beings. I had a wonderful conversation with Karen Shanti Caiazzo about her meditation practice and her meditation teacher. She made an excellent point; rather than reading, talking, thinking about being a better meditator, she just gets on her pillow and practices meditation. Shri K Patabhi Jois would say; “yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.” Some great sage said; “Less talk, more action.” I don’t think I can outthink my mistakes. I need to make them, learn from them, and then try again. Hopefully, those mistakes will teach me something about humility and patience.

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