Viva Mexico

Posted By Mimi on Jan 16, 2013 in O2 Yoga Blog |

You may not know that I have a love affair with the country of Mexico, it’s people, and it’s language. My husband and I have both traveled extensively, Steven more than I, but we both find this place to be where we as a family feel at home. My kids have been coming down here with us every year for their whole lives, and 2 years ago, we traveled through Mexico via RV for four months, dogs and all. Every year that we return we remember why we keep coming back. It is a magical place. Not just the beaches and palm trees but the restaurants, tiny towns, crazy, winding, sometimes washed out roads, concrete water slides, bicycles holding entire families, well you get the picture.

Maya Tulum, where we have been going for 12 years is exceptionally special. We wouldn’t keep coming back if it weren’t. That said, this year, we have been working on another retreat location in addition to Maya Tulum that will be cheaper, and more immersion based. We even found a wonderful Vegan Mexican Restaurant called Siempre Sano. Our hope is to add a second retreat on next year that would include yoga classes (of course), vegan Mexican cooking classes, vegan Mexican meals, Spanish classes, all at a hotelito on the beach with a pool! Intrigued? Me too. I’ll keep you posted.


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