Disaster Turns to Adventure

Posted By Mimi on Sep 16, 2012 in O2 Yoga Blog |

Last Thursday, Steven, Dylan, Deven, and I went into Boston to meet up with Brooksie, the owner of Totally Sweet, a vegan baked goods company. It was a beautiful morning so we parked the car and walked for a while before we got to the cafe. When we got back we looked for our car and realized that it had been towed. It was still a beautiful day so we found out where the tow lot was and headed that way. It turned out to be right in our old neighborhood in the South End.

We hopped on the subway and walked from Broadway up Albany Street. Ended up stopping in Mohr and McPherson. This is a seemingly über fancy store which I was never brave enough to go into before, although, I always admired the Buddhas and antique furniture in the windows. Steven, the grandson of an interior designer, wasted no time asking to be taken to the warehouse. We wiled away at least an hour examining all this cool stuff built all over the east. We were given a tour by Karole and met the owner, Kevin, as well as some of her lovely staff such as Eve.  They were friendly, down-to-earth and helpful and made us feel important. We got lots of ideas for Cambridge and made a plan to return. We grabbed falafel wraps from Pita and finally got  our car out of the scary looking tow lot and headed back to Cambridge. It was a disaster turned into an adventure turned into serendipity. Deven asked on our way back, “What do you think would have happened if our car hadn’t been towed”?


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