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hermanas de Villahermosa

friends from Mexico

As many of you know, I believe that yogic philosophy can reach far beyond the mat. In fact, my practice on the mat is really just a small percentage of what I consider to be my path. As a yoga teacher but also as a human being, I feel that sharing energy, money, stuff, time directly with others makes the world a better place.

My husband Steven and I are coordinating a project that you might be able to help with. We are going to be gathering used laptops to donate to families in Mexico. These families are those whom we know well. They are the staff of Maya Tulum who, over the years, have become part of our family. Most of them live in Tulum or the surrounding towns. Many have families far away whom they support. The economy in Mexico is terrible not just because of what is going on in the world. They have been further stressed by hurricanes, drug war violence, and quite frankly bad press.

If you are interested, you can help in the following ways.
1. Bring a used laptop that is in good working condition to the Somerville studio.
2. Donate technical support to “clean” used computers and add software that might be helpful.
3. Donate equipment that might be helpful like laptop carrying bags.

Some of the folks who are going on the retreat are gererously volunteering to bring one each down. Steven and I will also be doing so. If laptops are donated after January 21, we will continue to collect, clean and get them ready for next year.

Our plan is to set up and fund a small technical support center at Maya Tulum where families can learn how use their computers, trouble shoot, and also get them fixed. This center will also be where we are setting up English language classes for the staff. Two factors that really help people to find work are computer literacy and english language skills. These classes will be for both kids and adults.

Peace, Mimi and Steven
Ps. Look for photos on facebook kids we donated backpacks to last year!

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