Who is Lululemon???

Posted By Mimi on Nov 19, 2011 in O2 Yoga Blog |

I find myself, up at 1am, unable to sleep, and distracted by my lack of doing more of something I am unsure of. I am worried about subletting the new studio. I am worried about whether I have inadvertently pissed off some home school mom.  I am worried about feeling tired and cold and look warily on the coming winter. I am feeling like a failure that I haven’t been writing on the blog, or should I say, blogs. The one I started about our family has fallen by the wayside. I am worried about my connection to my kids and my parenting skills. I am just plain worried.

What the hell? I thought I gave up this worrying crap. I thought that I had it all under control.  What, if anything, do I really need to be doing differently. I should write when I feel like it. I have wanted to write something about Lululemon but couldn’t think of anything to say that didn’t sound condescending or worse, preachy. I have decided that I can be just as knee-jerk as the next person. I don’t respect the lack of thought put into many actions although I am as guilty of this blindness as everyone else. That said, I just need to weigh in on this one.

Who Is John Galt?

The Lululemon kerfuffle first made me laugh but them got me all amped up.  What is all this bullshit about putting something on their bag from Ayn Rand’s, Atlas Shrugged and all these supposed yogis getting pissed off ?  I mean come on. They were perfectly happy wearing $150 polyester pants when they thought that this company was all about yoga.  But now that the owner, Chip Wilson, decides to share his views on self-interest and overcoming mediocrity, they are up in arms ?

Personally, I don’t buy or wear Lululemon because there is nothing about the company that resonates for me. People that know me well know that I have strong feelings about supporting businesses that I believe in and Lululemon has never been one of them.  That said, I find myself in a position I never thought I would be; defending Lululemon. They are a business, like any other. The fact that they sell yoga clothes does not require them to be “yogic”.  In fact, it is astounding that people would think that a company who makes high-end yoga wear might not be motivated by something other that altruism.  I also believe in knowing who I do business with. If you buy Lululemon, now you have more insight into the owner and his values. I think that is a good thing.

Being yogic, or should I say, in my case, making an effort to pay attention and be responsible for every choice, retail and otherwise, is not as simple as wearing yoga clothes.  Nor is it insured that you will be a more thoughtful, ethical, and compassionate person if you practice yoga. What I do know, is criticizing someone for being honest about their ideas and motivations is not even close to that ideal.  I for sure am a work in progress, far from ideal.  I also have very strong ideas and opinions which I am happy to share with whoever wants to hear them. Ergo, this post.

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