Building A Barn

Posted By Mimi on Oct 26, 2011 in O2 Yoga Blog |

We live in a barn. First, my husband built the boat-shed and then the living quarters around it. Our antique wooden sailboat is literally and figuratively the heart of the house. Her name is Cicada and Steven, my husband, grew up on this boat. His family traveled all over the world on this boat. So when it was time to pass her down the family we didn’t hesitate. When my family takes on a project, we take it on, and it is a family endeavor.

Last week, our new family member arrived “home”. Steven, and his partner, fellow boat builder, Peter, bought a 1944, 56 foot wooden boat named Polly. She was owned and built by the same man who built Cicada. She was about to be sold for scrap. We had to save her. In order to be able to start work on Polly, we needed to put an addition on our house! Not for a bigger bathroom, playroom and kitchen but another boat house for Polly.  We started building a few weeks ago and have made it a family project.

When I practice yoga, my breath and focus steady, my mind calms, and my body feels light. I have to say that I have had a similar experience working on the barn. There is something amazingly calming, satisfying, and exhausting, (also like yoga!) that I never expected. It is also incredibly empowering! I have learned to do many things but I must admit, I kind of dig the power tools. I have used a nail gun but just recently got to use a drill called a Hole Hog. Sounds kind of funny coming from a vegan. It is a drill with a bit that has about a 11/2 diameter! I am also learning to run electrical.

my first electrical box, aw, how cute

a "Hole Hog"

Mimi with a nail gun

My boys have been hammering, sawing, and working on the boat as well. It is really cool to see them learning skills that they could use anywhere and anytime. It is also cool to see their level of confidence. It can be a bit nerve wracking watching them hop from roof to roof or scamper down ladders. Part of becoming confident and empowered is overcoming fear. Not only their own fears, but I need to learn to control mine in order for them to have the experiences they need to grow.

Steven and the boys raising a wall

Deven and Steven working on Polly

It has been an amazing experience. When I start to struggle with something I try to focus on my breath, steady my eyes, and yes, engage my locks.  Finding center is nice and all when you are on your mat but it really comes in handy in real life too.


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