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Our Vegan Dogs

Posted By on Jul 5, 2011 in O2 Vegan Blog | 0 comments

shanti our sweet pit bull We have 2 young dogs, both rescues. When we got Shanti, he was emaciated, frightened and had a very sensitive tummy. I went in search of dog food and found a great allergy food that was also vegan; Natural Balance. Both dogs have been eating this food for over a year,love it, and are healthy and happy. It makes me happy to know what they are eating.   Read the Ingredients Dog food is another incredibly...

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Vegan Cuts

Posted By on Jun 12, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Vegan Blog |

Just found this very cool daily deal service that is entirely vegan. It is called Vegan Cuts. Use this link to check it out and sign-up if you are interested. Power to the Peaceful, Mimi http://vegancuts.cmail2.com/t/r/l/mvjlu/pdtldhdv/c/

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The Search for Felafel

Posted By on Jun 12, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Vegan Blog | 2 comments

In my last post, I mentioned my friend Assim and our common passion for felafel. I haven’t had a good felafel in a long time. It got me thinking about all the food that I enjoyed in my travels to Turkey and Morocco. This morning, I was driving down Albany Street, thinking of Assim and our meeting later, and feeling guilty because I had promised to bring felafel but hadn’t found a good place. As I am thinking this, I drive...

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Vegan doggie Treats

Posted By on Jun 1, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Vegan Blog |

My friend Katherine Pomponi, many of you know here as one of the most fabulous O2 Yoga Teachers ever, sent me a link for Wagatha’s Doggie Biscuits and other products.  They are having a special on 3 new flavors and all three just happen to be vegan. Now, they probably don’t use that word because they are concerned about starting a riot in the doggie world. Feeding your dogs vegan food is mean remember?? Who cares about the...

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Food is Love

Posted By on May 25, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Vegan Blog | 4 comments

My friend Assim I have a good friend, Assim, who is from Lebanon.  I met him on the street one day.  As we were passing each other I stopped and said, “Good morning. How are you?” My friends think I am crazy but I make a point of saying hi, or good morning, or something to everyone I pass on the street but that is a whole other story. How Long must we Suffer? Anyway, so we stopped to chat and he says to me, “How long...

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Chocolate Mint Cupcakes

Posted By on May 24, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Vegan Blog | 1 comment

Okay, so I have made this recipe a few times in the past couple weeks for various reasons. One, I made this as a cake for my son, Dylan’s, birthday. It is his favorite cake and he likes it with raspberries and fresh mint leaves. I also made this for a fundraiser I did for YogaHOPE this past weekend. Both times they were a big hit. Oh, and did I mention this cake is incredibly easy, moist, and just delicious??? Here is the recipe...

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