A Note About Seitan and Silk

Posted By Mimi on Nov 7, 2009 in Blogs, O2 Vegan Blog |

The other day, I was at the health food store talking to my friend Scott,the owner. I asked him why he doesn’t carry Silk soy milk anymore. He said, Silk has gone from using non-gmo organic soybeans (US grown), to non-gmo soybeans(US grown), to now conventionally grown soybeans from China. The worst part is that there is no mention of the change on the packaging but you can see by the ingredients. Anyway. I love Silk soymilk but will now change over to another brand.

On a better note, I used to use Silk creamer for my coffee but now use So Delicious Coconut milk creamer. It really is soooo Delicious. They also make a really yummy coconut milk Kefir. Great for those of you who are missing yogurt. Soy yogurt really is kind of gross!

Lastly, I have been inspired to start making my own Seitan by my friends Garth and Diana. It is really pretty easy and versatile. I will try to include a recipe from Garth or Diana soon!
xoxo mimi

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