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Posted By Mimi on Apr 1, 2010 in Blogs, O2 Vegan Blog |

We have a new link for the site featuring one of my dogs, Mate. Now of course she is there because I think she is cute but also as a symbol.

We often think of the animal symbols for vegans being the ones that people eat like cows and pigs. Yes, it is true that dogs are eaten in parts of the world, but in the US dogs are treated completely differently than “farm animals”. I think it is interesting that people would never think of eating a cat or a dog, especially their own pets. I have seen and read so many examples of people being horrified by dogs or cats being abused while eating an abused animal. I don’t think this is intentional or even conscious and that is really the point. Hatred and prejudice is fed by misunderstandings and misconceptions. More importantly, many behaviors are really just habits. See Yoga In Depth April, for more on this concept from a yogic perspective.

The point is, the more connections we make with others, including all kinds of animals not just “pets”, the more compassion is cultivated. I don’t think people who eat meat are bad. I don’t think not eating meat is the end all of enlightenment. What I do think is that there is lots to be done, lots to be changed, lots of joy and love to be spread, and an awful lot of yummy things to eat that don’t involve a creature suffering. Trying to change peoples hearts and minds about really touchy issues like food is really difficult. Changing our own behavior and then modeling without proselytizing is quite another. I am proud of being a vegan but more importantly, I feel joyous about my choices. I have many more to make but the energy to make them is there and is building day by day. I look forward to many more exciting choices coming my way.

Peace, Mimi

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
-Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist (1901-1978)
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