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Posted By on Feb 23, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

Coming back from our trip was a shock for sure.  Of course the weather was distinctly different, but it was also the culture shock, never mind being on the east coast while the rest of my family are still out west!  I came back in order to start the 2011 O2 Yoga Teacher Training program Feb 19.  It is one of my favorite and most challenging parts of my job. Challenges Coming back to teaching is always wonderful.  There is a distinct...

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Waiting for the Big Crossing

Posted By on Feb 11, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

We will be crossing back into the US on Saturday.  We have had such an amazing trip, we are sad to leave Mexico but are already planning our return.  Here are some best ofs our trip. Unfortunately, we have lost power and will lose our internet as well.  We are in Matehuala right now in the north of Mexico.  We will be driving to Saltillo tomorrow, spending the night and then crossing the border first thing Saturday morning.  Viva...

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What the F?

Posted By on Feb 9, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

On the eve of my 46th birthday I am feeling both unsettled and more committed than ever to live with love and joy and not be ruled by fear.  Not always easy.  I received 2 emails tonight which put, I guess, a healthy level of fear into me.  One, from a friend we met on the road.  Her name is Patricia and she lives in Zacetecas, Mexico.  We were planning on driving there tomorrow.  We had already changed our plans just due to timing....

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Heading Home

Posted By on Feb 8, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

Okay, Okay, so not everyone travels for months.  The funny thing is, no matter how long you are traveling, you start to feel like you are at the end if the time left is less than the time that has come before.  I need to get back to the states for teacher training in a week.  I know that most people take a week as their vacation but this trip has been so awesome, it is hard to see it end. Heading North We started heading north a few...

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Yoga Citta Vrtti Nirodha

Posted By on Feb 3, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

The second of the yoga sutras, 1.2, translates to “yoga is the effort towards steadying the waves of the mind”.  I guess I should say, this is the translation I like best.  Again, there are many interpretations of these simple words but I like this one because of the word effort.  The practice of yoga doesn’t mean you have steadied the mind but that you are at least trying. Making an Effort There is so much good to...

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