March 2009 Astanga Primary Series

Posted By Mimi on Mar 1, 2009 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

The pose, or, more accurately, the focus, of the month is the Primary Series of Astanga yoga. There are four series in Astanga yoga, Primary, Secondary, Advanced A, and Advanced B. The Primary Series is called yoga chikitsa, or “yoga therapy.” It is designed to be the entry level and accessible for all. It is athletic, builds strength, flexibility, and stamina, and trains the mind and body to move with and listen to the breath.

I consider the Primary Series to be the foundation for the O2 Yoga method. In O2 vinyasa classes, we do not do a set series of postures, but instead pull from the postures of Astanga yoga and build on them to make each class unique and different. Even though each class is different, the foundations of ujjayi breath, the locks or bandhas, and dristi are there throughout. Each O2 teacher has studied the Primary and Secondary Series to set the foundation for their O2 Yoga teacher certification.

This month will be hopefully full of playful exploration.

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