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So Much to Say, So Much to Do

Posted By on Feb 3, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

How often does one see 2 of their best friends arm wrestling?? Now really.  Tulum is a magical place where the strangest things occur.  The retreats went so beautifully I want to give them more time so I will skip over our 2 weeks in Tulum and continue on with our travels around Mexico.  Suffice it to say our time at Maya Tulum will fill many an entry. Back on the Road We left Maya Tulum grudgingly.  Our good friend Rodolfo, the...

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After month of lotus (did your knees survive?) and the month before on wheel (how’s your lower back holding up?) I wanted to shift the focus: a standing posture, something that would allow us to work on length and extension, something a little more clean and straightforward. Twisting Triangle (parivritta trikonasana) is the first twist we encounter in the standing sequence in astanga. It requires length in the back of the body, a...

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Getting to Tulum

Posted By on Jan 15, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

We have had many more adventures getting to Tulum and I will definitely elaborate soon.  However, for now, the internet connection is slow at best and non-existent most of the time.  That is okay because we are here at Maya Tulum, our home away from home.  We have been greeted with incredible love and warmth by the staff and all the people we have met in the town.  It is truly a magical place with lovely people and absolutely stunning...

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What Do These Three Things Have in Common? Traveling in Mexico, that is what.  Everything changed when we crossed the border.  Remember the photos of Steven, siphoning and huffing gas in the past post?  Well, Bimbo is a diesel rig. Yeah, I am totally getting the RV lingo down.  On our way down to the border from NH, we needed to fuel up which sounds simpler than it is. In a car, you just pull up to the pump, no big deal right?  Have...

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Are you into looking at maps?  If you are, here is where we have been so far. Frontera to Tampico on MEX 180 Tampico to Casitas (Costa Esmerelda) Veracruz on one of the worst roads ever Casitas to Catemacos on another of the worst roads ever This is from Mexico on the Road in-

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