Waiting for the Big Crossing

Posted By Mimi on Feb 11, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog | 1 comment

The boys and the dogs on the beach in Tulum

We will be crossing back into the US on Saturday.  We have had such an amazing trip, we are sad to leave Mexico but are already planning our return.  Here are some best ofs our trip.

Deven, Coral, and Diana in the  hammocks

Hermenia’s towel creatures, a canasta of swans

Deven meets the Mexican tooth fairy

Kegs of Tequila in Uxmal

Dylan carrying the pineapple from the fruteria in Casitas

Unfortunately, we have lost power and will lose our internet as well.  We are in Matehuala right now in the north of Mexico.  We will be driving to Saltillo tomorrow, spending the night and then crossing the border first thing Saturday morning.  Viva Mexico, de los Carpenteros! 

Peace, Mimi

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