Vegan Boy

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I want to celebrate my son Dylan on his 10th birthday.  He has made 2 choices of late which are worth noting; one to cut his waist length hair and donate it (, and the other was to become vegan. He decided to go vegan while we were still on our RV trip. I will be honest, I didn’t think he would last especially while traveling. He became vegan based on some of his...

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The Luxury of Yoga

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The True Meaning of Vinyasa I ran a workshop this weekend to correspond with the monthly intensive.  This one was on the true definition of vinyasa. We got to talking about the meaning of yoga and why we do it. We talked about the breath and the locks, and the asanas and how they make us feel. We talked about the importance of centering, clearing the mind etc. It was a great workshop and I came away inspired by the students there but...

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Hair today, Gone tomorrow

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Today is the tenth birthday of my oldest son Dylan. I want to celebrate the birth of this very cool, unique individual. Our family homeschools which means we spend a lot of time together. Still, it goes by quick. I remember the day of his birth as it was yesterday. He has had long hair for as long as I can remember. Both he and my son Deven often get misidentified as girls. I don’t think they look like girls at all but it is...

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Shoulds and Shouldn’ts

Posted By on Apr 27, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

Do you ever get caught up in what you should be doing when you actually want to be doing something else?  Or that feeling that you are not doing enough of a certain thing or of anything? Blogging definitely brings this out in me.   I am often feeling like I should be writing more.  I have an incredibly full life.  It is tough to figure out the best way to allocate time. I have an even harder time figuring out how much rest time to...

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Carrot Ginger Soup

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I have always shied away from carrot soups because they seemed too thin or sweet or something. However, this recipe was inspired from a podcast I was listening to called Compassionate Cooks. Colleen Patrick Goudreau is an activist, cookbook writer, and all around cool person. Her podcast is called Vegetartian Food for Thought When I first became vegan, I really needed support. I needed to be...

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Finding Inspiration

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I sometimes wonder how and when a spark of inspiration will occur for myself and others.  As a teacher, I am always hoping to be an impetus for change.  As a yogi, I know that unattachment is key.  As Desnikachar puts it, “Our normal course of action is first to decide on a goal and then, bearing it in mind, start working toward it.  But it can easily happen that our goal changes or even disappears… Paying more attention...

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