Ode to Nutritional Yeast

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Okay, so to the uninitiated, nutritional yeast sounds and probably looks disgusting. If you haven’t seen it, it is yellowish, almost American cheese color, and is powdering and flaky. I will not make any analogies to the flakiness because, again, I can’t think of something that sounds appetizing or appealing.  However, as a card-carrying vegan, I must say that it is an absolute staple in my and many other kitchens. Why Eat...

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How often are we told what to do without being told why? Why is that so? Because some people believe that knowledge is power and therefore giving it away makes others more powerful than themselves. I completely disagree. I do believe that knowledge is power but I don’t believe that there is a finite amount of it. I believe power, like love, is exponential. Now, there is a difference between power over others and the feeling of...

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Food For Yogic Thought

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Food for Yogic Thought Food is not just fuel. What you put into your body affects how you feel, your overall health, energy, and longevity. The yogic diet has a holistic approach. Rather than separating components of food by calories and nutrients, the yogic perspective is of the diet as a whole. In general, you want to put the food that is closest to it’s natural state in your body. The yogic diet separates foods into 3 categories;...

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You never know where you will get inspiration. My mother in law, Marty, and I have always been close. We’ve had many an argument too given that we are both so similar but that is another story. This past Thanksgiving, my husband kids and I went up to Vinylhaven, Maine, a tiny island off the coast of rock land, to spend thanksgiving with Steven’s folks. Steven’s parents, Marty and Steve, bought a house up there after...

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Vegan Cuts

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Just found this very cool daily deal service that is entirely vegan. It is called Vegan Cuts. Use this link to check it out and sign-up if you are interested. Power to the Peaceful, Mimi

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When Will I be Ready to….

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How often do we ask ourselves this question? When I first started teaching yoga, I wasn’t “ready”.  In fact, I was kind of thrown into it because the teacher kept not showing up. When I contemplated opening my first yoga studio, I definitely wasn’t ready. I remember debating this with myself and realizing that the question wasn’t; was I ready? The question was; did I have something to share with others...

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