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How often do we ask ourselves this question? When I first started teaching yoga, I wasn’t “ready”.  In fact, I was kind of thrown into it because the teacher kept not showing up. When I contemplated opening my first yoga studio, I definitely wasn’t ready. I remember debating this with myself and realizing that the question wasn’t; was I ready? The question was; did I have something to share with others that was not readily(no pun intended) available?

I am Lazy

I say that to myself often. Especially about things that I really want to do or learn but don’t do. Oh, I could say that I am just not ready to do them and sometimes it is true. I do believe that, for some things, if you wait a bit, you will actually feel like doing something that you didn’t feel like doing before, like cleaning the house, or mowing the lawn. However, there are some things that really are just laziness. I had a dream last night that I was at a very rich friend’s house. I looked in the trash and she had thrown out all of these clothes that her son had outgrown. I remember being stunned and outraged. Why hadn’t she donated them, or given them to me for my boys???  Thinking back on it, I realize that I am really reflecting on myself. How much do I throw out instead of fix, donate, reuse?

What I want to Learn

Back to the, I am lazy idea. Some things take work. Some things need to become routine. New habits need to be created. They don’t just start on their own. Here is a list of things that I would like to learn to do:

1. Fix a bike, or at least be able to do somethings. And ride my bike more often.

2. Sew a piece of clothing I could wear in public. ( I saw this on another blog and loved it. My mother taught me how to sew when I was young. I have a sewing machine. I could start sewing again….)

3.  Buy less plastic. Well this is really a long and complicated one.  When in Mexico, I always make a point of going to a specific beach and picking up trash. The trash that is all over this beach is almost entirely plastic bags, although there are also flip-flops and some Styrofoam cups. In one day, I have picked up an entire trash bag, go back the next and do it again. (And yes, the trash bag is plastic. Oh, the irony) Every year, I come back all fired up. “I am not going to buy anything in plastic bags!”  So freakin hard. But less is possible.

4. Take singing lessons. I used to sing in a band and I wasn’t very good. I would love to take some lessons.

5. Play drums. I am obscessed with congas.

6. Learn how to drive a motorcycle.  And learn how to fix it. Well, this has more to do with “if you can’t beat um join um” theory. My husband has ridden a motorcycle since he was 16. My sons, have a tiny little dirt bike that they ride around in the yard.  I have a fear of motorcycles but feel like if I learned to ride and fix them, I would at least have a better understanding. Knowledge is power right?

7. Simply take better care of my stuff; my car, my dishes, my clothes, my tools,everything. It is so easy to just replace things when they break or wear out. I want to learn how to make my things last longer so I don’t need new ones.

8. Be a better writer, blogger. I want to learn more about the technical end as well as improve my writing skills.

9. Learn to speak Arabic.

This is a completely incomplete list but it is a start. What is on your list?

Am I ready??

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked by students; “When will I be ready to take an Intermediate class, or a Power class?”  The answer is, “now and never”. Now, because, you won’t know until you try. I suggest that a student should have a basic understanding of the foundation postures. Once they have that, they can take any class and modify. The never part means, that most people, myself included, don’t ever feel completely ready to take something to another level. That is the whole point. The next level readies you for it! Crazy right?

What’s on Your list?

I would love to hear your thoughts or your list if you have one. I believe in putting things out into the universe. I think it can set things in motion. Now that I have put my list out there, I feel compelled to start learning some of those things.  Dang, I better go and get started.

Peace, Mimi

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