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Crossing the Border

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We are still in Austin doing some last minute preparations.  We will travel to South Padre Island tomorrow and spend the night. Friday morning, New Year’s Eve, we will be crossing the border at about 8am Central Standard time.  Please send us some good thoughts and love!  More to come.  Next up, photos in Mexico!  peace, Mimi

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North Carolina to Texas Woo-Hoo

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Natchez Trace Parkway Well, we got hung up in Asheville for a few days with a broken fuel line on my 1985 Cabriolet.  Poor old girl, being dragged behind an RV is rough! She is all fixed up now.  We left Asheville on 12/23 and made it to the Natchez Trace Parkway.  It was beautiful.  It is part of the national park service.  Gorgeous rolling fields, forests and  no power lines.  We stopped along the way to take a walk. Chatanooga TN...

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Beginner’s Mind

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Being a Good Student When teaching teacher training, I often suggest to people that it is important to be a good student.  Being a good student means staying in learning mode.  Being on the road means that I take classes with teachers and at studios that are unknown to me.  So far, I have taken a “Foundation” class by a Jivamukti trained teacher, an Anusara class, and a Mysore practice.  Each teacher was excellent and had...

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On the Road First Days

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FIRST COUPLE DAYS 12/17 We slept in the RV in our driveway so we could take off bright and early. 12/18 6am drove along 1A and watched the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean for the last time in 2010.  Dylan and I sat in the co-pilot seat drinking coffee and chatting about our trip. Hit a toll booth in New Jersey and and almost took off the passenger side mirror.  Not good because this thing is a giant and we are towing my 1985...

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      How I Started Teaching Let me just say that I love to OM. This was not always the case; in fact I never closed yoga practice with an OM as a new teacher. When I first started teaching, I honestly didn’t know a lot about the tradition of the practice. I started teaching because my teacher kept not showing up. One day as we were waiting on our mats for someone to come and lead class a few students started to...

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