On the Road First Days

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12/17 We slept in the RV in our driveway so we could take off bright and early.

12/18 6am drove along 1A and watched the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean for the last time in 2010.  Dylan and I sat in the co-pilot seat drinking coffee and chatting about our trip.

Hit a toll booth in New Jersey and and almost took off the passenger side mirror.  Not good because this thing is a giant and we are towing my 1985 Cabriolet.  Steven, aka MaGiver, fixed it with black electrical tape which is the thinner side-kick to duck tape.  Had another accident in Philadelphia, bumped someone’s taillight.  Oops.  Hope all the accidents are over.

Drove through 9 states in our first day.  Stopped outside Baltimore for our first dinner on board.  Made pizza in a cast iron skillet.  Tofurky sausage, chives, basil, Trader Joe’s arrabiatta sauce (yum) and Daiya (daiyafoods.com) vegan cheese.  It was great.

Passed through DC around 9:30pm.  Cops saw this big rig and escorted us right out of town.  Very embarrassing; kids would ask what was what and I couldn’t remember.  Add history, landmarks and US capitals to homeschooling list!  What is that big tall pointy thing called again??

Steven drove until 12am.  Spent the night in a Walmart parking lot. Left at 5am and we all woke up in Virginia, state #10!

12/19  Wow, feel like we have been on the road for days not just one.  Boys went to a Waffle House for breakfast while I walked the doggies.  Drove S21 to 77 into North Carolina.  Incredibly beautiful country.  Tried to drive the Blue Ridge Highway but it was closed because of snow.  Everybody is doing great.  Boys are writing down states and towns and stuff about our trip, playing legos, taking pictures, and shooting Nerf guns.  Our friends made us mixed travel CDS.  Just listened to #3 of Parrish’s.  It is awesome, Warren Zevon, the Doors and Green Day.  Parrish, you rock.  Charlie made us a Cd with country traveling music.  Remember Convoy??  So much fun.

Got to Asheville a 3pm and met up with our friends Jen, Jim and Liv who we met in Mexico last year.  They run a comedy bus tour company called LaZoom Tours (lazoomtours.com).  We hung out with them, went to a cookie decorating party and then another party across town.  Found a problem with the engine of the RV and a broken fuel line on the Cabrio.  Lots to do tomorrow.



Got up early and walked into town to go to WEST ASHEVILLE YOGA (westashevilleyoga.com)  Mysore practice.  Did second series and then took a class with Michael Johnson.  Lovely little studio, warm and cozy and had a lovely practice with Michael.  He talked about lots of cool stuff but I especially liked his references to the neurological system, breath and yogic philosophy.  Here are some highlights.  “Sensation in the back of the body reduces cortisol.  Cortisol is responsible for stress response in the body.  Sensation in the back of the body results from forward bends etc, think primary series.  Less stress, less disease.”  “Richard Freeman talks about breath in this way.  Many of us don’t inhale completely because we don’t believe we should be completely happy and content.  We don’t exhale completely because we don’t want to let go, it is attachment.  Hold your Inhale and discover how it is not productive nor helpful to hold onto the breath!”  “Different states of consciousness; freakout/fear state and Calm state.  Freakout state leads to fear, hatred and addiction.  Calm state leads to the compassion, creativity and contentment.  Breath, sensation, asana practice help bring us closer to calm state.”  Michael forgive my paraphrasing but you said some cool stuff so just wanted to highlight a bit!  Walked back through West Asheville and stopped at the West End Bakery and Cafe. They bake with only organic flour and have lots of vegan options.  Really nice place.  Had a soy latte and bought one of their to-go-mugs.  I have an addiction to to-go mugs especially ceramic ones like they have.

Came back to RV to find Dylan, Deven, and Liv playing Monopoly.  Life feels very fluid and good.  Traveling always changes my perspective on our life and the lives of others.  Makes me feel free and connected at the same time.  I am definately in a calm and content state.  Peace, Mimi

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