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Homemade Seitan

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Seitan is a meat substitute some say was invented by Buddhist monks. Seitan is made from wheat instead of soy which is better for some. It has a really nice texture which is great for dishes that require something a bit more “meaty” such as satay, or stroganoff. Many vegetarians feel that one is somehow compromising their values by eating something that tastes or has the texture of meat. Personally, I grew up loving meat...

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Almond Milk: Tried a new product the other day on a whim, Blue Diamond Almond milk in the refridge section (next to the Silk). I bought the vanilla and brought it home for my kids to try. Now, I should say that my kids are not normal, I think in a good way, and already drink soy milk and eat all kinds of things that many kids won’t. That said, the almond milk is delicious. Rich and creamy, Deven, my six year old, says it tastes...

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Our Mate

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We have a new link for the site featuring one of my dogs, Mate. Now of course she is there because I think she is cute but also as a symbol. We often think of the animal symbols for vegans being the ones that people eat like cows and pigs. Yes, it is true that dogs are eaten in parts of the world, but in the US dogs are treated completely differently than “farm animals”. I think it is interesting that people would never...

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I love this pose! It is the antidote to the sitting, slouching, and driving we do all day long. It is also, in many ways, a counter pose for last month’s focus. Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana combines external rotation of one hip, hip extension of the other, full shoulder flexion, spinal extension, and knee and elbow flexion. The front leg is bent at an angle to work as a kickstand for the hips and spine. We usually think of this front as...

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Life is Yoga: April 2010

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Spring is a good time to be thinking about clearing out old stuff. This can be literal like your closet, or more figurative like the baggage you carry around in your body and mind. In yogic philosophy, there is a concept called avidya. Avidya loosely translates as “incorrect perception” or “misunderstanding.” One result of avidya is samskara, which means the habituation of actions that no longer prove accurate (another way of saying:...

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