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December 2009 Yoga Energetics 101

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This month, rather than a posture, we will focus on the energy of the postures and maximizing it. We will talk first about the energetic body, including the Chakra system. We’ll discuss which postures are grounding and which are energizing. We will also talk about the effects of hand and foot positions; when do you open the hand, tent the fingers, press the palm to the floor, etc. The class will also look at binds and how to use them...

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Many yogis consider Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to be the heart of yogic philosophy. The sutras are like a guide to the practice of yoga through short sentences called sutras. The second sutra is the definition of yoga—Yoga is the effort towards steadiness of mind: notice the word ‘effort.’ Another of my favorite quotes about ‘effort’ is from the Bhagavad Gita: “You have control over actions alone, never over its fruits. Live not for the...

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