December 2009 Yoga Energetics 101

Posted By Mimi on Dec 1, 2009 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

This month, rather than a posture, we will focus on the energy of the postures and maximizing it. We will talk first about the energetic body, including the Chakra system. We’ll discuss which postures are grounding and which are energizing. We will also talk about the effects of hand and foot positions; when do you open the hand, tent the fingers, press the palm to the floor, etc.

The class will also look at binds and how to use them for optimal alignment and energy. We will spend time on the specific positions of hands and body called mudras and their role in the practice. Lastly, lots of attention will go to the breath: without the breath, the practice would lose its anchor, energy, and flow of prana or life force.

Understanding the energetics of the yoga method can add new and deeper levels to your practice. It is also empowering when you understand why we are asking you to enter a posture a certain way, or place your hands in a specific manner. At O2 we focus on empowering students with knowledge. Knowledge, as the saying goes, is power. All through the month, we will get deeper into the energetics of the practice and encourage you to explore different ways of thinking about the postures. Don’t worry, the classes will still be lively, fun, playful, and challenging!

In my mind, the important thing is to continue to strive towards learning and growing; this is considered effort instead of inaction (please see “Yoga In Action” article for more about the benefits of effort!). My yoga practice helps me to keep my life in perspective, my body healthy and strong, and my mind calmer. I think I am a better friend, wife, mom, and citizen due to my time spent with my mouth closed, eyes open, mind focused, and body moving. The time I spend “paying attention” is time well spent. I hope you feel the same way too!

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