Vegan, the New Ethics of Eating by Eric Marcus

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While at a homeschool conference recently, I came across a book swap. I love books and dug through the piles even though I was flying home and had no room to carry anything else. The word Vegan caught my eye, of course. It was, Vegan-The New Ethics of Eating by Eric Marcus. I was happy to see it there but thought to myself, I hope some one picks this up and reads it. I, of course, didn’t need to read it. I mean, I was already there right??

Later, I kept seeing it. It was calling to me. Finally, on the last day, I found it in the free for the taking pile. I picked it up and started thumbing through it. I could only read the quick highlights in the margins. Damn it. I don’t want to read this. It is so disturbing. I really don’t want to read this. Do I need to? I am already vegan right? So why am I still reading it? Why did I slip it into my bag?

I am not sure but I feel that this path I am on is not just about diet in the traditional context. It is about millions of choices being made throughout a life time and the repercussions of those choices on others. I tell myself that I am too sensitive to read this book. Is that why so many people would rather not think about this issue? Of course, and it is totally understandable but is it:





Even Reasonable?

I think not, at least in my case. If I want to be all of those things above, I really need to keep educating myself on the issues that I find so important, even and especially if it is an issue that makes me uncomfortable. I do not hold anyone else to these same standards. It is not fair to do so. I can’t even say honestly, that I will actually carry through and read the whole book. I am left feeling that my thoughts are incomplete yet pushed forward in some way…..

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