Vegan Boy

Posted By O2 Yoga on May 11, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Vegan Blog | 3 comments

I want to celebrate my son Dylan on his 10th birthday.  He has made 2 choices of late which are worth noting; one to cut his waist length hair and donate it (, and the other was to become vegan.

He decided to go vegan while we were still on our RV trip. I will be honest, I didn’t think he would last especially while traveling. He became vegan based on some of his friends also becoming vegan but he has stayed vegan based on conviction.  He said to me the other day, “Sometimes my friends will challenge me and say that I am not vegan because I ate something that I didn’t know had dairy in it.” [Did you know that Stoneyfield Farms O’Soy Yogurt is made with dairy culture?  It may seem like nitpicking but really, why not make it vegan?)] “They don’t get what it means to be vegan,” he said. “It is about what I believe is right.”

This is the part that I believe makes so much sense. It is easier to stick with difficult choices when you believe them to be right. He is now going on 4 months of veganness and still going strong. He has survived tempts of icecream, pizza, and most lately pop-overs! I want to figure out how to make those vegan. Any recipes out there??

Anyway, here is to you Vegan Boy. I am truly inspired by your commitment, thoughtfulness, and discipline. I love you and Happy Birthday.

Dylan with some of our chickens


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