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latinas mano a mano

Latinas mano a mano

How often does one see 2 of their best friends arm wrestling?? Now really.  Tulum is a magical place where the strangest things occur.  The retreats went so beautifully I want to give them more time so I will skip over our 2 weeks in Tulum and continue on with our travels around Mexico.  Suffice it to say our time at Maya Tulum will fill many an entry.

Back on the Road

We left Maya Tulum grudgingly.  Our good friend Rodolfo, the general manager there, said we were welcome to stay until March.  At first we thought he was joking but he was entirely serious.  Boy, was it tempting.  We were mulling it over when we asked our son, Dylan, what he thought.  He said, “you know, this place has always been so special.  It won’t be special if we spend too much time here.”  And he was right of course.  We left the day after the second retreat ended, on Sunday January 30.

My guru, Dylan in the lake of seven colors

The Lake of Seven Colors

Just when we thought there was nothing more beautiful than Tulum, we got to Bacalar.  Totally different.  Bacalar is near the border of Belize and is this incredibly stunning lake with all kinds of birds and frogs.  The first night we were there we couldn’t figure out what the crazy sound was.  It was a cross between a siren and an engine sound. It was frogs, and lots of them.  Kind of fading in and out as they sung to each other across the lake.  The lake really did look many colors and was filled with these rounded limestone rocks that looked like mushrooms.  There were also tons of moon snails.  I saw a hawk with a curved beak eating a snail.  That explained all the moon snail shells I say everywhere.

Steven, Mate’ and Shanti, Bacalar


We have had such limited internet that I am rushing just to put a bit more down before the next dry spell.  Bacalar deserves much more as does Palenque.  Both were incredibly stunning.  Palenque is in the jungle and you fall asleep and sometimes wake up to the sound of howler monkeys in the trees.  A haunting sound for sure.  I also saw a few flocks of parrots and some other beautiful birds never mind the crazy beautiful ruins.  My favorite moment was our visit to a waterfall nearby.  We swam and explored caves.  Steven decided to take some photos of me in front of the waterfall doing yoga poses.  The boys had some ideas and wanted to join in. Here is the image I will leave you with for now.  I hope it depicts the love, exultation, freedom, goofiness and beauty of this whole trip.  I am struggling for words because I have been left with a sense of awe and joy that it is extremely difficult to describe.  Much more soon when internet is more available and I am not running on empty!  un abrazo a todo Mimi

Me and the boys under a waterfall

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