September 2010 Handstand (Adho mukha vrkasana)

Posted By Mimi on Sep 1, 2010 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

This posture represents many of the aspects of yoga that I cherish, as well as the aspects that challenge me. Handstands are playful, scary, teetery (is that a word?), unpredictable, elating, challenging, strengthening, and perspective-changing. We have all heard the phrase, “stand on your own two feet.” What about, “Stand on your own two hands”? Learning to balance any of your body over your hands is a challenge. Think of the first time you did chaturanga dandasana or down dog. To me, handstands aren’t just about learning to turn upside down. Handstands are about trusting balance, and learning to use the body in a whole new way. Handstands are about playing like you are 5 years old. Handstands are about tremendous focus and concentration. Handstands are about overcoming fear. Handstands are just cool! Learning to stand on your hands, even for a second, is downright empowering! See you upside down!

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