May 2010 Astanga Second Series—Nadi Shodhana

Posted By Mimi on May 1, 2010 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

It seems appropriate to focus on Second Series as we near the longest day of the year. The Primary Series is in many ways the entryway into the asana practice of the astanga yoga system. The Primary Series builds strength and flexibility and better connection of breath and locks, foundations essential for the asanas of Second Series. Second Series contains postures that really require a much more focused and established practice.

Nadi Shodhana translates as ‘nerve cleansing.’ In the context of the asanas, Second Series includes deepening expressions of back bending, inversions, and asanas that require dynamic strength. Where the Primary Series is very contained and is mostly closed, forward bending movements, Second Series is all about opening the front of the body, opening the hips, moving on and off the mat, and developing better balance, all of which wakes up the spine and energizes the nervous system.

Second Series is a much more dynamic sequence which requires you, the practitioner, to maintain control over energy and breath. It may be difficult to stay focused but also in my mind more fun! This intensive is appropriate for intermediate and above students without any major injuries or limitations.

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