March 2011 Astanga Primary Series

Posted By Mimi on Mar 1, 2011 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

O2 Yoga has its roots in the astanga tradition. This tradition was interpreted and organized by Shri K Patabi Jois during the last century, although it is based on ancient texts in India. Every year, I teach a 200-hour teacher training that always begins with the astanga Primary Series. O2 Yoga is not an astanga studio, yet we respectfully use astanga for the base of what we do. The ujjayi breath, bandhas, and dristi all come directly from astanga.

Astanga translates as ‘eight limbs,’ which is a reference to Patanjali’s eight-limbed path. The eight-limbed path espouses behavior and meditation techniques that are powerful and incredibly useful for building a strong yoga practice and, maybe more importantly, a stronger, more focused presence in the world.

The Primary Series is said to be the entryway to the astanga practice. At O2, we use the Primary Series as a foundation for the less predictable, always changing O2 Yoga classes. During the month of March, we will be including parts of the Primary Series in all of our classes, but will still maintain our typical format. Elliott and I will be teaching the intensives together as well as adjusting and breaking down or explaining some of the precepts and trickier postures. It will be filled with focus, fun, and sweat! Don’t miss it!


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