Life is Yoga: July/August 2009

Posted By Mimi on Aug 1, 2009 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

Recently, I was reading an article about small business owners who started companies based on their principles rather than simply to make money. Are these two things mutually exclusive? I say enthusiastically no! What does it mean to run your company based on your values? More importantly, what does it mean to live your life according to your values? In yoga, we try to connect with that deeper part of ourselves that is under the thoughts and distractions to the real core of who we are. It makes sense to first figure out what is important to us and then try our best to stay consistent. Compromise is fine when it comes to dealing with others in your life. We all need to compromise at times to allow for other people’s needs. However, I believe that compromising our beliefs eats away at who we are.

Take a moment right now to make a mental or physical list of the things you find important in life. By what principles to you try to live your life? Maybe you have never thought about it. On my list are: 1. Being with my family always comes first. They are my priority. 2. Doing my best not to cause suffering to others. 3. Putting patience before anger. 4. Leading with my heart and not my head (acting out of love and compassion).

There are 4 things on my list. That doesn’t sound like much, but I will spend the rest of my life doing my best to focus on those 4 things. Sometimes it is easier to narrow things down. Too many options, too many choices, causes distraction, overstimulation, and therefore being overwhelmed. In my business as in my life, I am constantly getting tempted by shortcuts and quick fixes. Most often these involve compromising my beliefs. I think it is worth it to stay the course. Little things really do add up, and, before you know it, your life or your business look very different than what you had hoped for.

Please, let me know, if you have time, your thoughts on this issue. Simple really is best, but simple doesn’t always mean easy!



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