Finding Inspiration

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I sometimes wonder how and when a spark of inspiration will occur for myself and others.  As a teacher, I am always hoping to be an impetus for change.  As a yogi, I know that unattachment is key.  As Desnikachar puts it,

“Our normal course of action is first to decide on a goal and then, bearing it in mind, start working toward it.  But it can easily happen that our goal changes or even disappears… Paying more attention to the spirit in which we act and looking less to the results our actions may bring us-this is the meaning of Isvarapranidhana in kriya yoga.”  Kriya yoga is described as the yoga of action.  Kriya yoga is about yoga as a state of mind and state of being.  The action is oriented towards a change for the better in all aspects of our lives and the lives of others.

The Spirit of your Actions

This idea of paying attention to the spirit is so powerful.  When I first started blogging I thought to myself, “what if no one reads it?” Then I realized, that wasn’t the point.  I write because I am thinking about things that matter to me.  I am hopeful and I want to put that out into the universe.  Sort of like Omming.  I believe that an Om goes out into the universe as a good vibe.  Who knows where or how it lands but it is still worth putting that energy out there.

Anybody Out There?

Recently, I received a newsletter from my friend Kris Quinones (  I read a piece on the Ayurvedic massage she specializes in and some great feedback she got from a client. I then honed in on the recipe she had in the sidebar.  I am always on the hunt(ironic choice of words I know) for great vegan recipes and this one looked really great.  I went out to the store and got the ingredients and made it that night.  Now, we happened to have some friends staying with us.  We almost always have someone staying with us so I typically cook for 20. Anyway, I whipped up this recipe and everyone loved it.  I also made extra to bring in for the teachers in training to try.  They also loved it.

Food is Love

Later, I got an email from my friend who was at my house.  She wanted to tell me her version of the recipe and how yummy it was.  She made it for some friends and they loved it.  Well, I think the point has been made.  Kris said she wondered whether anyone even read her newsletters.  She was happy to hear that I had but even more happy to hear about the inspiration that occurred.  Whether she knew it or not, the spark was there.

Why I write

I must say, I am incredibly honored and humbled when anyone reads what I have written.  I write because I believe in the spirit of positive energy.  I write because I believe that awareness brings transformation.  I now know that I can not be attached to the outcome.  I cannot control the outcome or result of the energy put out there into the universe.  I can only control the spirit in which it is released.

If you are reading this, I thank you.  If you have a moment, let me know whether it created a spark!  Peace, Mimi

PS.  Go to for the 2 versions of the recipe called: Squasharoni!(

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