Life is Yoga: August 2008

Posted By Mimi on Aug 1, 2008 in Blogs, O2 Yoga Blog |

I was at a political event recently in support Barack Obama. I try to volunteer my time as much as I can. I was talking to a person who was involved in coordinating volunteers. He asked me to canvass. You know, go door to door. I said, “You know it is funny. I am so comfortable talking with people but I am really uncomfortable with the idea of knocking on peoples’ doors. I am intimidated by it.” He said; “Yea, I totally understand but get over it. The stakes are too high right now. This is too important not to move out of your comfort zone.”

I have to say that I have thought about that conversation a lot. I think the point is, many people risk their lives for the rights of others. Many people do extremely uncomfortable things to achieve change. I think a little discomfort is the least I can experience for something I believe to be unprecedently important. In my newsletter, I talked about taking time off to get clarity and balance and to see you life objectively. I believe that it is really important to do so. Then, once you have taken stock of your life, come back into it with full force, and work for what you believe in. Sept-October will be incredibly important months to focus on what is important. If you believe that the world will be more peaceful and unified but getting a certain person elected as I do, then you need to work for it.

The ultimate goal from yoga is getting centered but more importantly to feel and recognize your connection to everything living on this planet. This is not just about you or me. This is about creating a better, hopefully less violent world for all. Yoga practice needs to be about more than your own comfort. Speaking of getting out of one’s comfort zone. Yoga practice definately pushes all of us into the uncomfortable and challenging realm. I think the same priciples can apply to the next few months. I have thought about this many times. 20 years from now, my kids are going to ask me, “What were you doing back then?” I hope I will say, I was trying to make the world a better place. I hope I will say that I was inspired by the work and love and generosity of my students . I hope I will say, I did the right thing.

Yoga practice is a metaphor for conscious living. It is a metaphor for your life. Hopefully the metaphor is dynamic, passionate, focused, brave,strong, flexible, and compassionate. These are qualities embodied in all of us. Yoga practice helps to set them free.