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Smile, Breath, Go Slowly

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I am injured. I am not sure exactly how it happened but I am guessing that it was a culmination of events rather than just one. Like the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back (poor camel), I had one too many small stresses. Being injured can be a time for frustration, resistance, introspection, surrender, or in my case all of these things at varying times. One thing I am learning from this is how to be still. The words...

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I received this lovely gift from Minda Nicolas yesterday. Luckily, she gave me one batch to share and one to keep because I really had a hard time not eating all of them at once! Here is the recipe she provided. They make a wonderful gift in a cute jar like this. I found the recipe online and made only one small change, but I think it makes a difference. Instead of using vanilla extract, I use Taza Mexicano chocolate extract (you can...

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Eat at Jumbos

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The ever talented and connected Sarah Wolf mentioned to me that I should check out Eat at Jumbos. Her friend Grover Taylor owns this unique place in Somerville, on Broadway, in Ball Square. It turns out, they have a lot of vegan options and are working on more. Now this place is your classic pizza and sandwich joint with a wonderful twist; they have tofu, seitan and vegan cheese. Yes, you can find all those gooey, junky, sometimes...

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