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Getting to Tulum

We have had many more adventures getting to Tulum and I will definitely elaborate soon.  However, for now, the internet connection is slow at best and non-existent most of the time.  That is okay because we are here at Maya Tulum, our home away from home.  We have been greeted with incredible love and warmth

Water slides, Washed Out Roads, and Wrong Fuel

Gorditas de Casitas What Do These Three Things Have in Common? Traveling in Mexico, that is what.  Everything changed when we crossed the border.  Remember the photos of Steven, siphoning and huffing gas in the past post?  Well, Bimbo is a diesel rig. Yeah, I am totally getting the RV lingo down.  On

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Are you into looking at maps?  If you are, here is where we have been so far. Frontera to Tampico on MEX 180 Tampico to Casitas (Costa Esmerelda) Veracruz on one of the worst roads ever Casitas to Catemacos on another of the worst roads ever This is from Mexico on the Road in-

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What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been

I don't know why the Grateful Dead have popped into my head.  Perhaps it is that this trip feels a bit drug-like.  We have only been in the country of Mexico for 4 days but I am completely overstimulated with beauty, color, noise (I am listening to the sound of many dogs barking, roosters crowing,

Fear, Hope and Crossing the Border

Fear I have been thinking about this for a long time.  Our culture has become ruled by fear.  In yogic philosophy, fear is a form of avidya, clouded perception or misperception.  Fear is a healthy emotion when in the context or real and present danger.  Fear kicks in our fight or flight response,