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November 2008 Koundinyasana

For many years I have taught a pose called Koundiyasana and revolved Koundinyasana. In researching the pose of the month, I found out that what we often teach at O2 as Koundinyasana is actually Koundinyasana II, and the revolved pose is actually Koundinyasana I. Koundinyasana I is a twist and Koundinyasana II is more like

Life is Yoga: November 2008

Be Where You Are Have you ever said: "I can't _____________ (lose weight, change jobs, spend more time with my kids, eat better, do more yoga...) until I _____________ (have more money, have more time, find a partner, get a new house...)? The ironic thing is, we are often putting off the things that will