Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is O2 Yoga?  What makes it different from other types of yoga?

O2 Yoga is a vigorous, athletic, heat-building practice rooted in Astanga yoga.  Innovated by studio founder/owner Mimi Loureiro, the O2-style is meant to focus and strengthen you, body and soul.  All class levels are taught progressively with options for modification so that students can access the postures to the best of their ability with maximum opportunity for challenge.  All of our teachers have been trained by Mimi, so you will notice a similarity in the way classes are put together, especially in regard to safety in postures.  While some other forms of yoga are more restorative or slower-paced, O2 Yoga will get you up and moving and feeling fantastic!  For more details, click here.

Do I need to register online for class?

No, online registration is preferred for workshops and special events, but for all regularly scheduled classes, just come to the studio.  If you do opt to sign up online, please note that this does not guarantee your spot in class — we still ask you to come on time for class (there is no late admittance to class permitted).  For more online registration FAQS, click here.

I tried to sign up online but it said I owe for class when I know I’ve got classes. What do I do?

It often happens that when you create an online account, you end up creating a duplicate account for yourself.  In order to make sure the “you” online is the same “you” in the studio, follow these steps:

  1. To begin, click here — it will bring you to our studio schedule viewable on MindBody.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner, there is a place to create an account.  IF YOU HAVE BEEN TO THE STUDIO BEFORE but do not yet have an online account, ENTER THE EMAIL YOU PROVIDED ON YOUR CONSENT FORM and then click “NEED PASSWORD.”  If you use a different email than the one you initially provided us OR you create a brand new account, it will likely result in there being duplicates of you in the system.  If that happens, we can “merge” you at the desk.
  3. IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THE STUDIO BEFORE and want to create an account, you can do the “Create a New Account” option because you are, indeed, creating your first account with us.

But, once again, you do not need an online account or to preregister so if this seems like a lot to process, just skip it!

Can I borrow a yoga mat?

Yes. We have mats for you to use. You can borrow one for free on your first visit and we ask for a $2 cash donation after that (and we in turn donate that money to NICALOVE).

I’m moving away — what’s your return policy?  Can I give my classes to a friend?

All sales are final on class cards.  Your classes are only usable by you. Your classes expire after one year.  Click here for all the specifics.

Do you do Hot Yoga?

We think of ourselves as a ‘warm’ studio. We keep the practice space around 80 degrees all year: warm enough that you won’t feel a chill but not so hot that you’re baking (most ‘hot’ studios will heat the room to ~100 degrees). We do a vigorous practice at O2, so you will sweat, but we want most of that heat to come from the work you’re doing. Prenatal and postnatal may be kept a little cooler.

I’m new to O2 — where should I begin?

We recommend that all students try a Basics class on their first visit to O2, regardless of their experience level.  Our Basics classes are designed to be a solid examination of fundamentals of the style of yoga we offer here.  That said, you are welcome to attend any class you like — there’s no “test” to move on to a more advanced class.  But you WILL get more out of your practice if you’re familiar with Sun A’s (vinyasas) and other foundational poses before attending Intermediate and beyond.

It is best not to come to a Primary Series class unless you have taken a Power class or have previously practiced the Astanga Primary Series. Our Primary Series classes are fast-moving with less instruction than other classes; the teacher assumes that students have familiarity with the sequence and postures.  Second Series is recommended only for advanced practitioners.

For more about what the O2 class levels mean, click here.

How often should I come to class?

As often as feels right for your body. The more often you practice, the quicker you will notice progress. However, if you are just starting out, two to three times a week will help you become familiar with the postures and the pace of the practice. Once you have been coming to class for a few months, you may want to increase your practice to four to six times a week.

What is the O2 work-study program and how can I learn more?

We have a team of work-study students who are key to keeping the studio welcoming and clean. In exchange for helping out for a few hours each week, work-study students receive unlimited monthly memberships. Work-study students generally are part of our front desk team (signing in students before classes) or our cleaning crew (cleaning the studio at the end of the day). We ask for a one-year minimum commitment. Apply online today or email for more details.

I left my water bottle at the studio.  Can you set it aside for me?

We are frequently contacted by students who have left personal items behind — especially water bottles!  We do have a Lost & Found, so your best bet is to check there the next time you come for class.  Besides really valuable items, we have limited space to hold things aside for students, so it’s most efficient if you check the Lost & Found.  Please be advised that we do clean out the Lost & Found about once a month, so do your best to return to collect what’s been left behind as soon as you can.

I couldn’t find parking/the T was running late/I tried my best to get here on time. Why can’t I join class after it’s started?

Our highest priority is to get you on your mat, so we do our best to get you in the door whenever possible.  But it can be extremely disruptive for the other students and the teacher if there is a late arrival, especially if the class is full and “squeezing in one more mat” would mean a lot of maneuvering.  There is also a safety issue for you — missing the warm up is not good.  Please understand that we know that being late is sometimes out of your control, but we need to think of everyone’s best interests (including yours!!).

Can I sign my friend up online for a workshop or class?

You each need to register for a workshop or class as individuals, so your friend would need to have his or her own online account and purchase his or her own workshop or class package — buying one for your friend on your own account won’t get your friend into the class or reserve a spot for them in a workshop.  For classes, though, there is no need to sign up in advance, so you and your friend can just sign up at the desk.

You have student rates, so why can’t I buy a class card at the student rate online?

Because we need to see your ID to confirm you’re a student, we have to restrict the sale of the student rate packages to the front desk. There’s no way for us to manage that via the web, so the student rate isn’t available online.

What’s the parking situation?

There’s free 2-hour parking on Highland Ave.

Can I bring my child with me to class?

Our classes are designed for adults (18+) unless otherwise specified.  The main question to consider is if your child will be able to sustain the concentration, focus, and physical demand required to get through a 60, 75, or 90 minute class.  Anyone under the age of 18 who is interested in taking an O2 Yoga class should plan to attend a Basics class first and must have consent from a parent as well as approval from the teacher before being allowed to participate in class.  We also offer private classes, so if you’d like to arrange that for your child (or you and your child), we can accommodate that, too.  Please email with questions.

I can’t figure out the deal with the MP3 downloads.  How do they work?

First, you must purchase an MP3 and then the links will become active.  Think of it like purchasing a drop-in or class card and having your class(es) banked until you want to use them.  Be aware that the first one you click will be the one you buy.  For other FAQs about the MP3s, click here.

I heard your Cambridge studio closed.  Is that true?

We are sad to inform you that, yes, this is true.  Our beautiful Cambridge Studio held its final classes April 29, 2019.  More information here.

Wait, I still have questions!

The fastest way to have your questions answered is either to ask teachers/management/desk staff in person when you come to class or to email

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