Annual O2 Yoga Retreat — Maya Tulum, Mexico

Join us on our 19th Annual Trip

February 23-29 (Sunday to Saturday- 6 days)


February 29-March 7 (7 days) 

Some People do both weeks….You could be one of them! 


Is your New Year’s Resolution to “do more yoga” and “spend more time at the beach”?  Let us help you check off some of those boxes by bringing you on our annual retreat to Maya Tulum in Tulum, Mexico. February 2020 will be Mimi’s 19th time leading a retreat at this gorgeous, seaside resort and all you have to do is set foot on the sandy pathways connecting the cabanas to understand why O2 calls this our winter home away from home. Maya Tulum is a quiet, peaceful, restful-yet-energizing place that invites you to “unplug” from work and stress and the chill of New England winter. The daily schedule includes two classes per day taught by Mimi and selected O2 Yoga teachers — you can opt to attend one, both, or none per day — it’s your vacation. Maya Tulum provides three delicious meals each day. And how you spend the rest of your time is up to you to decide! The sandy shore and warm, blue water is right there inviting you to go for a swim or hang out on the hammocks or take long walks. There’s a spa on site as well as plenty of opportunities to explore the nearby town of Tulum and beyond with a variety of cenotes (freshwater swimming spots — some in underground caves!), shopping, and the resort-organized excursions to Ancient Mayan Ruins, the Biosphere, and snorkeling on the nearby reef. And above all that, joining us on our Maya Tulum retreat is a chance for you to get to know a community of yogis who, like you, have come to enjoy life in this magical place. We hope you can come experience the glory of a Tulum sunrise with us.  It’s something you simply must see to believe.

Tulum Sunrise


How much yoga will we practice?

We have two classes each day. Most people choose to attend either the morning or late afternoon class, while some attend both. You may also skip a day if you need a break or decide to take a day to relax or explore.

What type of yoga classes will we have?

All classes will be taught in the O2 Yoga style. This is a vigorous form of yoga based on the Astanga yoga system. We do not offer gentle yoga. For more information about Mimi and O2 Yoga’s style, click here.

What’s the difficulty factor of the yoga (ie what “level” is it)?

There is no doubt you will be challenged. It is definitely a good idea to take some O2 Yoga classes (or athletic vinyasa-style classes if you’re not in the Boston area) to get a sense of what to expect. That said, this retreat is a great opportunity both to begin and learn and to continue to build on an already-established practice.  We teach for all levels, and offer an invigorating, thoughtful, and, yes, playful class that you will be able to get something out of, regardless of your previous experience. We give modifications and options for all postures, from beginning to advanced. You will try new postures and sequences as well as have the opportunity to practice lots of yoga with no cell phones ringing or daily responsibilities to distract you.

Who will be teaching the classes?

This year’s stellar teaching crew will be Mimi and TBD.


Description of Rooms 

Prices include gorgeous accommodations, 3 meals and 2 yoga classes/day. Prices do not include airfare, services like massage, and excursions. They do not include transport from the airport, but we will help you arrange that service.

Oceanfront Rooms
Each cabana sits right on the sandy beach with spectacular and crystal clear views of the Caribbean Sea.  Prices for Beachfront Rooms:

Single Occupancy: week 1 $2930 (6 days)/ week 2 $3430

Double Occupancy: week 1 $1970 (6 days) / week 2 $2295/person



Ocean-view Rooms
Cabanas are located in the garden area with beautiful views of the ocean. There are ocean breezes in these cabanas.

Single Occupancy: week 1 $2630 (6 days)/ week 2 $3070

Double Occupancy: week 1 $ 1820(6 days) / week 2 $2120/person


Garden Rooms
Cabanas are located in the garden area with windows that open to allow the sweet, deep scent of the tropical gardens to come in. The majority of the rooms are separate cabanas with one or two beds covered in mosquito-netting (although we found few actual mosquitoes). The floors are tiled and the rooms have electricity and hot water. Right outside the main door, there is a carefully crafted water basin to wash the sand off your feet before you enter your room.

Single Occupancy: week 1 $2280 (6 days) / week 2 $2660

Double Occupancy: week 1 $1640 (6 days) / week 2 $1910/person
Triple Occupancy available for selected Garden Rooms: week 1 $1420 (6 days) / week 2 $1660


What the Alumni have to say:

“Tulum feels like coming home, in a way!  There is a familiarity to the beautiful grounds, knowing which sandy path leads down to the beach or the yoga hall or my friends’ villas.  Days are filled with yoga, sunshine, debates between hammocks versus beach chairs, and wondering if there will be guacamole for lunch.  I can stroll into little Tulum to shop, plan an excursion to see the ruins and a cenote, or just book a second massage and relax.  It is one of the most wonderful trips I’ve ever taken and always look forward to going back.” ~ Melissa

“Did you ever go to summer camp when you were a kid?  Well if you did you may have memories of a group of friends from all over the country and beyond who create intense bonds and lifelong friendships while playing hard, relaxing and having fun. Think about an adult yoga camp on a gorgeous sandy beach with yoga under the palapa, fresh delicious vegetarian meals and exploring Mayan ruins and  you’ve got O2 Maya Tulum yoga retreat. How do I know? I’ve been almost every single year. Vamenos amigos!” ~ Carol

“I love O2 Yoga and I love the beach — this is the retreat for me!  There’s nothing like walking around barefoot for a week, beautiful, white sands under my toes, enjoying time with friends, both new and old.  What a great opportunity to put my phone in airplane mode for a full week and totally dig in to all that life-in-this-moment has to offer in absolute paradise.”  ~ Sarah


Click here to see some of our previous retreat photos.


 Resort Map:

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 3.15.00 PM

For more details on Maya Tulum, click here.

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