Learn to Teach Primary Series: Astanga Continuing Education (for 200-Hour RYTs & Astangis)

O2 Yoga’s foundation is Astanga.  Both because of that and because of the predictable and consistent nature of the Primary Series, our 200-Hour Teacher Training program begins with a deep exploration of this sequence, focusing on Sanskrit pronunciation/breakdown of every posture as well as cuing and adjusting every pose.  Learning to teach the full Primary Series gives our TTs a strong foundation to work from when we move on to the more creative aspects of building O2-style classes.

We are opening up these Astanga-focused weekends of our Teacher Training Program as Continuing Ed to current 200-Hour Certified yoga instructors as well as students with a deep interest in Primary Series. Interested teachers and students can participate in either just the first weekend or the first two weekends where Mimi and Elliott will be breaking down the fundamentals of teaching  through a modified Primary Series practice.

* We highly recommend doing both — you cannot only do the second weekend


November 7-9 Modified Primary Series and Astanga Yoga**

November 14-16 Modified Primary Series and Astanga Yoga**

March 12-13, 2021 Full Primary and Second Series Astanga Yoga

March 19-20, 2021 Advance Postures and Principles of Adjustments



**First two weekends of our 200-Hour Teacher Training Program

$300/weekend for certified teachers and interested students
$250/weekend for O2-certified teachers
Questions/to register, please attend a Teacher Training Info Session (see the Teacher Training page for dates) or contact mimi@o2yoga.com.


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