Gift Cards and Online Classes


 Click here to purchase a gift card online and either print it out in PDF form *or* you can have it emailed to the recipient (right away or at a future date).

Please note: We do not sell gift cards over the phone.

** For step by step instructions on how to purchase an online gift card, click here. **

Gift Card Factoids:

  •   Gift cards are a great way to show your love for friends and family.
  • In order to purchase a gift card, you need to create an account in your name. Then, you can purchase the gift card for the recipient. You will need the recipient’s email.
  • Please note that virtual gift cards can take up to 24 hours to be sent to the recipient.
  • Gift cards are to be treated like cash — Once the recipient receives their gift card, they need to email to have it applied to their account. (This info is also on the email or printed copy)


O2 Yoga-to-Go:

We have 2 great options for practicing at home and On-The-Go.

Livestream classes: Please see our livestream pro-tips on the front page.

Pre-recorded video and Audio classes: Click here to purchase.


Buy a Class Card or Monthly Membership

Create an online account or to make a purchase.

Click here to learn about pricing and class card policies.


Check Out Our Online Retail Store

O2 Yoga sells only responsibly made in the U.S. products of the finest quality.  Click here to purchase some merch.


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