How To Take a Live Class Online

Taking an O2 Yoga Streaming Class for the First
Time: A Step-By-Step Guide

Some Help & Pointers Before Your First Streaming Class
We designed this guide for anyone new to this technology to help you navigate the steps so you can take classes with us from the comfort and safety of your own space.

We recognize that these devices and classes aren’t for everyone, but if you’re curious about trying streaming yoga classes for the first time, read on!


Step 1: Technology
You need a device with a camera and microphone, like a smartphone or tablet. Most laptops now have this technology too.

You’ll also need a reliable connection to the internet.


Step 2: Download the Free Zoom Application

Like many studios, O2 Yoga is using the Zoom video conferencing app to broadcast classes. It’s free for users.

Go to


Step 3: Log-In to Your Account with O2 via MindBody
This is the scheduling software we’ve used for years, so if you’ve taken class at one of our studios before you’re already in our system. Your username is typically an email address.

But if the system can’t find you, just create a new account and we can merge your accounts later (let us know via email:

New to O2 Yoga? Go ahead and create a new account with us here.


Step 4: Purchase a Class or Class Bundle
A single streaming class is $10 and a package of 5 is $45 (there’s also an unlimited monthly option for $85).

If you already have O2 classes waiting to be used in your account, you also can opt to use those instead.


Step 5: Schedule a Class
Use MindBody to check out our schedule and book yourself into a class. Registration closes 30 minutes before the class begins (to help everyone get technology ready) so make sure to register early!


Step 6: Get Your Space Ready
You’ll need room for your yoga mat and usually some space side-to-side (wide enough for your arms out to your side).
Yoga props aren’t necessary, but the teacher will let you know if they’ll be helpful.

Some place a little quieter can help you focus (but we’re seeing a lot of babies and pets find their way into class).

Stand up your device where you can see and hear it clearly.


Step 7: Look for the Invitation Email to the Class
We send out a secure invitation via email 25 minutes before the class starts. It gets sent to the address you use in your MindBody account, so be sure to check your spam filters or folders if you don’t see it.

Don’t panic if you don’t get an invite! Email us at and we can resend it.

When you click on the link, it will open the Zoom app. Enter the class code and password from the invitation.


Step 8: Get Ready for Class!
As we set up the video conference for the class, you’ll have the option to keep your camera on or turn it off. It’s up to you. Many students like the sense of community from seeing everyone else practicing, but some prefer more privacy.

We automatically mute the audio of all the participants, but it’s good to double-check that you are muted so it doesn’t distract other students.

Pin the instructor by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of their screen.


Step 9: Practice
Enjoy the experience of an O2 Yoga class at home!

Teachers will be demonstrating more as they teach, but you’ll see the same inventive sequencing and playful transitions we’re known for at O2.


Step 10: Wrapping Up
Teachers will be available at the end of class for questions and feedback (there’s also a text chat function where you can write in).

When you’re ready to leave the session, click the ‘Leave Meeting’ button in the lower right corner of your screen.


Step 11: Come Back Again and Again
We hope you will Yoga-in-Place with us again soon!



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