Testimonials and Reviews

Posted June 1, 2020; last updated June 12, 2020

Here’s what our students have to say about O2 Yoga and our online classes:

“I’ve been taking O2’s online classes since the very first day and they have truly been the bright spot in the middle of the chaos of the last two months. The classes are super low-key, friendly, and easy to join. You don’t even need to turn your camera on—although I do because I like feeling like I’m in a class practicing with all the other students!” ­– Elena


“While I miss in-person classes terribly, livestream classes have helped me stay connected with the wonderful O2 community and have kept me grounded, literally and figuratively, during this chaotic time. Livestream classes have had some unexpected silver linings, too: primarily, I get to practice with my cat, Bernadette. She’s been an unexpectedly fun and entertaining yoga partner!” ­ – Kimberly


“I would be lying if I stated falling into an at home practice wasn’t challenging. It brought me back to that insecurity of the first day I stepped into a yoga studio – not sure what to expect and not quite sure how I felt after the class was over. With time, as with many things, it became more natural. The teachers at O2 have so much knowledge and always want to help you better yourself whether it be mentally, physically or spiritually. This translates across the virtual platform as well. Whether it is Mimi or Elliot or any other teacher from O2, they always greet you cheerfully when you sign on and always willing to discuss and assist when class is completed. As the weeks passed and the awkwardness of my home/virtual practice eased, I found I was eager to see the instructors I trust and my fellow classmates on my computer screen – it kept me grounded in O2’s community. I also feel like I have grown in my yoga practice and began to listen with intent and not rely so heavily on what I was watching the instructor or my other classmates do. Even after I physically return to O2, I know this experience has opened a new door for me to continue my growth as a yogi and also something I can carry with me into the future.” – April


“I’m currently in my second trimester of pregnancy and yoga is my preferred workout, so I’d been keeping up with my practice (very reluctantly) using prerecorded classes. I’ve been going to O2 since 2017, so was so happy when they started offering live online classes during COVID quarantine. O2’s live classes are *much* more helpful and motivating – the instructors always cue helpful modifications for me and my ever-growing belly, and I get to participate in a familiar, inclusive community without risking leaving the house. That’s the other great thing that’s nice about online classes – they’re much more convenient than the standard studio classes, since I don’t have to physically go anywhere and can leave class at any point without disrupting anyone. The instructors are great about managing online attendees, and since everyone is muted at the start of class, you can literally practice anywhere in your home (even if you have noisy pets or a partner who is constantly on the phone working). If you’re new to Zoom or don’t like video conferencing tools (some of us older folks likely have traumatic memories of Citrix), don’t worry – Zoom is very, very user-friendly… If you’re missing yoga or looking for something more substantial than prerecorded classes, I very highly recommend O2!” – Sam


“Practicing yoga is one of the most important things I do. The breath, movement, and calming of mind helps smooth out life. O2’s streaming classes keep me connected to yoga instructors of exceptional quality and a wonderful community. It’s an anchor, a sanctuary, and a refresh when I need it. Thank you, O2!” – Jon


“I’m so grateful to be able to practice with my home yoga studio – at my home – live with the O2 community. I’m able to attend more classes virtually than if I still had my normal commute to worry about (one positive in these challenging times). Practice with your video on or off – no pressure! The classes are still the best in the area – one of my favorite parts of practicing at O2 is that teachers break down every step for you and are welcoming to all abilities – my practice has been able to grow over the past six years with changing abilities while attending the same classes.” – Lauren


“O2 Yoga’s online classes with Mimi, Elliott, and Tina M. have been great and I strongly recommend them to anyone who is missing in-studio classes or, really, to anyone looking to remain grounded and healthy. Yes, I miss the camaraderie, in-studio adjustments, and just getting out of the house but in many ways, the online courses aren’t a huge departure from O2’s normal, thoughtful classes. Registering online is simple (same website/software they’ve always used) and the Zoom format works well–it’s easy to see and hear the instructor. Classes progress smoothly with no technical fuss. As an “Elliott-regular” for well over a decade (still a beginner: can’t come close to crossing my legs yoga style or getting gate pose–next lifetime as Elliot says), it’s been great and valuable to see him every Friday at noon. It’s also been really fun rediscovering Mimi’s incredibly creative sequences and easy-going style (I often couldn’t make her in-person classes). Plus, once a class her dog subs in for the sirens on Highland Ave. which certainly helps me smile, stay present, and keep going! O2 has been a strong, important presence in the Somerville/Cambridge community for many years, and I’m eager to see O2 continue on Highland Ave.  If you’ve been a regular practitioner in the studio and haven’t been attending online classes, I highly recommend O2 online!” – Matt


“Taking live [online] classes with O2 is like streaming all of the joy I would feel from the studio straight into my own home. My husband and children had no clue what my life in the studio had been like, and now they see it firsthand every practice. On the days I bring my mat to the living room floor and airplay the class to our TV, the atmosphere of our household is completely transformed. My children are in awe of each pose and even emulate me as I practice. My husband, who has never shown interest in yoga, now asks me what poses will work into his shoulders or back. O2 has flooded my home with happiness and health during these crazy times! Thank you!” – Betsy



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