Protocols for Live Classes During the Pandemic

Protocols for In-Person Classes – updated June 2021

  • We will be adding classes as the weeks progress once we determine demand.
  • All registration needs to be done online, and we will not be accepting walk-ins (at least at first.)
  • All students and staff are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to participate in in-person classes. There will be a consent form that all students need to sign when coming into the studio for the first time that also lets us know your vaccination status.
  • In-person students must preregister for class no later than 30 minutes before class.
  • There will be one slot available for each class for “the Model”, who will receive a pass for an upcoming class. The Model will be the person on screen for the livestream participants. It will be required that this slot be filled by a student who has practiced at O2 for a least one month or more. If you are interested in being the model, please sign up for class and then email to let us know for which class you want to be the Model. This will be first come, first serve!
  • In-person classes are drop-in and in-person class card only. You will be able to use up existing class cards here as well (but not online class cards.) If you already have an existing class card for in-person classes, please email so we can help you apply it to an upcoming in-person class.
  • Doors will be open 30 minutes prior to class.
  • Masks will be optional, not required.
  • Students will check in at the front desk by giving their name to the teacher.
  • Class size will be limited to 20 students, at least to start.
  • Students will take all belongings into the studio with them and put them in the cubbies near the back door.
  • Touch-less hand sanitizing stations will be set up near the front door, door to the studio, and back door. Please use them as you move through.
  • As you move through the space from the front door onward, please wait six feet back from the next person for your turn to register and set up you mat.
  • Students will have the ability to opt-out of adjustments by picking up a token at the front desk and placing it on their mat. Adjustments will avoid the neck and hands.
  • When class is over, students will take turns gathering up belongings and will exit out the back door.
  • We have installed a new down-draft ventilation system, as well as air purifiers with UV sanitizing and filtration. The back door will be left open whenever possible.

More details on our health and safety precautions:

Here are the steps we have taken to create a safe and pleasant environment for in-person classes during the pandemic.

  • We have installed a down-draft ventilation system that allows for 5-6 air exchanges/hour.
  • We have installed seven GermGuardian Air Purifiers with HEPA filters.
  • We have a new glass back door that will remain open, weather permitting, during classes.
  • The studio is cleaned every day, following CDC protocols. This includes sterilizing all surfaces, including floors and high-touch surfaces such as door knobs and light switches.
  • We have installed touchless hand sanitizing stations near each door, plus touchless hand soap dispensers in the bathrooms.

Want to check out the in-studio protective measures before coming in person?

Thanks for reading and watching, and for your ongoing support!

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