Pro Tips: Participating in Livestream O2 Yoga Classes

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Posted April 5, 2020; last updated May 31, 2020

We miss practicing with you in person, and hope to see you through Zoom soon!

Here are some pro tips to access O2 livestream classes on Zoom:

  • Sign up for the Zoom class on O2’s MindBody page. Registration closes 35 minutes before the class starts.
  • You can pay in a few ways:
    • Use an existing class card (It will cost a bit more, but some people want to use up a class card they already have purchased.)
    • Purchase a one-month unlimited membership for livestream classes for $85
    • Purchase a 5-class card for livestream classes for $45*
    • Pay $10 for a drop-in*
    • *If you have an existing class card, but prefer paying for a livestream drop-in or livestream 5-class card, please email us before the first class so we can put your existing class card on hold for you.
  • Download Zoom at
  • Click “Join a meeting”.
  • Enter the meeting ID, which will be emailed to you 30 minutes before the class begins.
  • Add password included in the email.
  • Choose whether or not you want your video on. This allows the teacher to see you, but it is not required.
  • Pin the teacher on your screen. (There is a little push-pin icon in the left corner of the teacher’s screen.)
  • You will have a chance to say hi to the teacher and other students if you like before the class starts. The teacher will “mute all” once class starts. We will turn audio back on for 10 minutes after class if you have questions.
  • Enjoy class!
Bonus tips: Set up your space so that you can see and hear the class. Get your mat down, and props in place if you have them. If not, have a blanket or rolled up towel to use if need propping! (Most classes are designed without props but we will give you suggestions to use them if they are available). It can be helpful, but not necessary, to practice with wireless earbuds so you can hear the teacher clearly.
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