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June 27, 2020

mimi revolved triangleA special message from Mimi on how you can support O2 Yoga during the extended closure of our physical studio:

When we shut our doors to our beloved studio located at 288 Highland Ave. in Somerville on Friday, March 13, 2020 due to COVID-19, I was in a state of shock, sorrow, and denial. Now that we have been closed for 3 months but still paying rent, utilities, and payroll, I am realizing that this might be a very long road. It is very likely that we will not be able to re-open for a good deal more time. The fact is, we miss you all so much. We miss the physical contact of adjustments, the sound of the collective, breath, and simply your physical presence in the room. We miss everything about what we do but will not give up!

I resisted setting up a fundraiser until now because:

  1. I am too proud for my own good.
  2. I really thought we would be back open by now.
  3. There are so many other folks struggling as well and need help.
  4. I really thought we could make it through.

That said, so many of you have asked how you can help. I really believe that you are as worried as I am that we might not make it and have to shut down. O2 Yoga isn’t just my business, it is a community of thousands who find O2 to be an integral part of their lives. So, I am taking the leap of faith to set up a fundraiser to keep us from shutting our doors for good. I promise to only use the money for rent and payroll as well as repairs to the studio itself to get ready for our eventual re-opening. We have made it through so many struggles together. I just can’t give up now, after 22 years in business and 19 1/2 years in Somerville.

Here is the email that pushed me over the edge. Thanks so much, Ramie, for helping me see that we are indeed all in this together and that we all simultaneously want to help others and may need help ourselves.

Dear Mimi,

I would like to make a gift to help you support your amazing studio and teaching during this incredibly difficult time. Could you please let me know how I might do this? I also want to thank you for the Saturday class I’ve been taking since you began the livestreaming–it is an anchor in my week and gives me a feeling of continuity and connection to a world that often feels too far away.

With warm wishes and gratitude,


Thanks, in advance, for your willingness to give us a hand. All donations over $50 will receive one of our cool 22 Years of Kicking Asana T-shirts. Donations over $100 will receive a sweatshirt so you can show your O2 Yoga Pride.

Big love,
Mimi, Steven, Deven, Elliott and our amazing O2 Crew



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